Intellibox Review – Brain Development in a box

Look at what Nadine received last week! Personalised just for her!

IntelliBox Personalised

It’s Thinkersbox’s Brain Development Kit, specially for kids from 4-7 years old. We tried the IntelliBox a few months ago when there was a soft launch. Now we are looking at the real thing… with the many many activities lined up for the child.

Here’s what you can find in the box:

IntelliBox Activities

This is how the IntelliBox works:

You can choose from a subscription of 3-months, 6-months or 9-months. And in the week leading up to the month, you will receive the Intellibox via mail (yup, no need to drive around or rush to the shops! It’s delivered to your doorstep!). It’s easy-peasy!

Each monthly kit will provide materials for 20 days, and each day consists of brain-stimulating activities to build key intellectual abilities. All the activities are designed to be fun, interesting and stress-free. Look at Nadine’s response!

IntelliBox Nadine Reaction

IntelliBox Schedule

IntelliBox Blocks

After each day, I’ve to keep the box up in the cabinet, cos Nadine just wants to keep doing the activities and finish trying out everything! We were so encouraged as she usually has very short attention span and gives up easily. To see her so enthusiastic about ‘work’, and knowing that it is helping her cognitive skills is very very comforting!

The subscription plans are as follows:

  • 3 months @ $145
  • 6 months @ $255
  • 9 months @ $345

Something for all Mum’s the Word readers!! You get $10 off your subscription when you subscribe to any of the IntelliBox plans. Send in your subscription via email to and quote the special promo code JE153 to get your discount!

Do sign up quickly as the deadline for the next quarter (Apr-Jun) will be on 15 Mar!


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