Back to the Future – A child’s view

Yesterday, Nathan asked the whole family, if we had a time machine, where would you go? (I think he meant which period in time!) It was an interesting question, and I remember I wrote about Time Travel as a parent last year. But now, the entire question is open to an endless possibility, where would you go?

Of course the politically correct answer was, “Let me think about it, tell me where would YOU go?” [All parents just have this innate ability to divert questions!]

Nathan was very quick to answer and I was really quite impressed! He said he would go back to the time Before Christ (BC), possibly in the last year before Jesus was crucified. He told us, he would bring a camera and a video camera along, to take as many pictures and videos of Jesus in action. The reason? So that when he came back to 2016, he can show all his friends and great grandma and the whole world, that Jesus is real.

Days BC

Hahaha.. that’s so cool ya? I’ve a potential evangelist here! And he added, he wants to go to the future too! And he would want to go the the last day of earth. He would bring along his Bible and a pen, and he wants to check to see if every prophecy came to pass. Hahahaha! In fact, he specifically mentioned he would look for the 4 Horsemen and to see if there that huge Lake of Fire.

Nathan Smile

Now, it’s times like this that I thank God I didn’t answer some frivolous wish to go back to when there were princesses and knights in shiny armour! I am thankful Nathan devours the Word of God, internalises it and genuinely love God and people.

Back to how we ended this conversation. We decided to go hunt for Back to the Future movies and show the kids. Those were good clean movies with no premarital jumping into bed and groping at each other. And I remember it was great fun watching Michael J Fox trying to bet on the right scores and getting his parents together!

Back to the Future

So where would you go, if you could go Back to the Future?

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