Review: Isoderm to Manage Eczema

My son has eczema. I like to think I’m exaggerating, and it’s just a bad heat rash. I’m in denial cos no one else in the family has it. But he does and we are constantly looking for a cream or a cleanser that works.

These mild soap cleansers and special formulated creams are not cheap. I’ve no basis of comparison,which brand is better, or if there’s any difference among them. I don’t have eczema and my boy is unable to accurately explain if Brand A or B is better. As his mummy, I just want to find something that works and if it’s inexpensive, it’s a super bonus!

I’ve tried a few brands before and frankly, I didn’t like them one bit. These are soap-free options, thus they naturally don’t lather, and in turn, I feel they somewhat don’t clean well. (honestly, after using them, I usually have to cleanse again with a regular cleanser just to give me a cleaner feel!) It’s a funny feeling when you are supposedly clean after a bath, but don’t feel clean!

Washing with non soap cleanser

Then, a pharmacist friend introduced me to Isoderm. [ASIDE: Pharmacist friends are treasures! Esp when you have kids! They offer excellent professional advice for free!]

Anyway, back to Isoderm. This is a made-in-Germany range of soap-free cleaners that are so gentle, babies can use them too! Isoderm products are non-alkaline and soap-free. This is absolutely VITAL for those with sensitive skin. The pH value of skin is 5.5, and Isoderm cleansers share the same pH. This means, the cleanser maintains our skin’s natural acidity in protecting the skin against environmental factors and bacterial infections. Regular use will restore health and moisture to the skin, leaving it soft and supple. (And Rash free!!!) This also means it’s perfectly safe for newborn babes to use this cleanser! In fact, Isoderm has a cleanser specially for Babies! You can imagine how gentle that is!

Now, I’ve always been convinced that anything safe for babies would be safe for us. But I had a hesitation whether Isoderm can cleanse well. What if it’s just like any other soap-free cleansers?

Here’s what Isoderm cleanser is like when we use it on Nathan. Check out the lather!!!

Washing with Isoderm

I was expecting his skin to be super tight and dry after using Isoderm. (I mean, it looked like it cleanse as well as regular soap!) But no! It was soft and not dry! We tried it for an entire week, and his skin remained moist and he didn’t have any flare ups! Woohooo!

But before I start switching over to Isoderm, I have to find out how much it costs! How does it compare with the other brands?

This is what I found out. (I took the regular retail prices, and didn’t consider any Great Singapore Sale deals!)

Brand A – $22.40 for 200ml

Brand B – $33.90 for 230ml

Brand C – $12.85 for 236ml

Isoderm – $15 for 250ml

hmmm… not bad eh? It is really much more affordable than the other brands and it is something Nathan can use! I’m going to get the other products Isoderm has. It is certainly worth a try!


 And we have 3 Isoderm Sets to Giveaway!

Each set (retailing at S$40) consists of One Regular Cleanser (500ml) and One Baby Cleanser (250ml)

Here’s how you can participate in this Giveaway! Tell us in the comments below – How Isoderm can help you or your child; and stand a chance to win the Isoderm Giveaway Set!

Yes, that’s all! The giveaway will end on 8 August 2014! All the best!

Btw, Isoderm products are available in Guardian and Unity pharmacies. They are also sold in selected clinics and hospitals.


Congratulations to the three winners of the Isoderm Sets!

  • Siew Ling Ng
  • Nick Chor
  • May

We will get in touch with you shortly with the details how you can claim your prize! Thank you!

*We were given products from Isoderm to reveiw, but all opinions are 100% my own


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