Transformers 4: Age of Extinction for the Young & Old

We just came back from a family holiday recently. It was a drive around Malaysia. One significant advertisement that struck me was for the upcoming Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. We saw posters along the highway, in the malls, at the bus stops, and we saw huge models of Transformers at various arenas too. The kids were really excited when they saw the huge models. It was funny to watch them staring at the models, waiting for them to transform. (Which obviously didn’t! haha!)

You can imagine how excited they were when they realized we had tickets to watch the movie premiere! We told them OREO invited the whole family to watch Transformers 4, and they have a special Transformers packaging. To them, it was like eating their favourite cookie with their favourite movie! And it helped that OREO believes strongly in family time. And with this familiar snack to share as a family, we had good fun together making OREO Popcorn and eating together.

Oreo Transformer

So with such lead-up activities to the big Transformers 4 Premiere night, you can imagine our conversations daily. We had to tell them stories of Transformers (they weren’t very familiar, or have forgotten) and we told them the Transformers of our generation (that was more than 20 years ago!)

And just before that big day, the kids found out that Popo and Gong Gong are fans of Transformers too! Apparently my parents watched all previous three shows!  So we decided we will give our tickets to them, and give them a chance to bring the grandkids to watch the movie!

Wow that turned out to be a right decision! On the actual day, the grandparents were just as enthusiastic as the kids! They left the house early, arrived at the theatre way before everyone, and took LOTS of pictures. (There’s something about grandparents when they have a camera!!)

They were at the reception and had the familiar snacks like OREO cheesecakes and Chocolate Eclairs. And for my girls, the dimsum were a big hit!! It was totally yummy!! What made it more fun was when they met their friends from JBabies (add link) and Sengkang Babies.

Eating with friends


Meeting friends


The kids and their grandparents took many many photos! Check out their happy faces! It was pure joy for them to have doting Popo and Gong Gong bring them out for a movie night!

Transformers with family

TF4 kids

And how was the movie? To the kids, “So So Good!” To the grandparents, “Wah, good!” hahaha… I knew when I heard these comments; the movie will be a huge hit! They all got home a little late (the movie was 165 minutes long) but all of them kept chatting and retelling the storyline and key parts of the movie to us.

The gender difference was apparent even in this wide age gap. For Gong Gong and Nathan, their focus was the Autobots and how they could transform so fast. It was WOW and WAH for them as they each describe how from a regular car or truck, it could turn and change to this huge machine. (Imagine Nathan contorting his body to emphasise his point!) As for Popo and the girls, what intrigued them was the storyline! They told me about the good versus the bad, and how loyalty prevailed (I better not say more before I spill out spoilers!)

It was a surreal experience to know that across the generations, the movie appealed to all! Especially to both the young and old! And above that, OREO is cross-generational too!

I’m thankful my parents had a good time with the kids. These are precious times as they bond together. Of course there were generation gaps (when one party didn’t understand certain phrases or themes in the movie) But such times together draws them closer, and eventually they love each other more for the similarities and the differences. I knew that the kids would only understand their grandparents more through time spent together.

Besides the movie, the OREO snacks they had helped bond them together. It helped create family bonding moments and bridge generation gaps!

Wefie transformers oreotf4


I’ve no regrets giving away the premiere tickets! It was an awesome time for the family. Thank you OREO for inviting us to the premiere! My family loved it! Looks like we can start setting aside more Movie Nights for the entire extended family!

OREO family

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