Laser Tag Party at Polliwogs

I’ve three kids. The challenge to have a wonderful, fantastic, never-done-before birthday party is always ever present. (Am I alone in this?) And it’s really tough when there’s only so many magicians we can engage! Thus, we were presently surprised when we came across a Laser Tag theme party from Polliwogs!

Laser Tag Party

Honestly, when I first heard of it, I thought, uhoh, a party at Polliwogs? Is that going to be too kiddy for Nathan? He’s 7! That’s a big boy, maybe too big for such indoor playgrounds!

But we thought about it, and realised the Laser Tag would change the entire dynamics of an indoor playground! I remember playing Laser gun games when I was studying in Perth. I remember the guys—they rolled on the floor, crawled under structures, hid behind pillars etc. If grown boys men do that, I realised it is highly highly probable that the kids would do the same! So, it was really a PERFECT theme party for Nathan’s 7th Birthday Party!

We were really excited when we found out that a Laser Tag party encompasses the following:

  • Only WE had access to the Polliwogs play area (members of the public won’t be around!)
  • We can have up to 20 kids playing at the party
  • The laser guns were easy to use (really easy, cos my 3yo nephew had a blast too!
  • We will have the usual Polliwogs party food & host & room

Here are the pictures to tell the story. (it was so hard to take nice shots! EVERYONE was running!!)

Birthday Invite

Instructions polliwogs

Laser Tag Getting Ready

Shooting Polliwogs

Shooting b Polliwogs

Shooting c Polliwogs

Shooting d Polliwogs

Terrain Polliwogs

Birthday Boy Team

It was so fun! Every child was screaming and perspiring. It was so safe cos everywhere was padded and made purely for kids play! It was just running and shooting everywhere. When I see the happy smiles on those sweaty faces, I knew it was a homerun!

We heard from our friends that some boys dreamt about the game that night! And some started pestering their parents to have this same theme for their birthdays! That’s how fun and how awesome the party went!

So thank you Polliwogs for hosting Nathan’s 7th birthday. It was so so memorable for him.

Leaving you with my favourite photo for the day. (unfortunately, taken with a polaroid!)

Happy Birthday Nathan

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