Chesty Coughs and Wheezing Kids

As a parent of 3 kids, I’ve come across MANY common medical ailments that hit our family. Top on our list is FEVER which can mean anything from fighting an unknown virus to a known virus to a common cold. Then we have the TUMMYACHE which can also mean anything from a virus to something nasty they ate to plain attention seeking. And the Least Favourite in the list? CHESTY COUGHS and WHEEZING kids!

Why is this the least favourite? Simply because I can’t get my kids to blow the mucus out, and I can’t get them to cough out the phlegm! And it can go on for weeks!! I’ve battled with phlegm from the nose and the throat.  And I’ve tried a few medication and I’ve not found anything that really worked. And a Pharmacist friend recommended us Leftose, which he says would dissolve mucus AND reduce inflammation. This would mean no more SORE THROATS!! (I honestly don’t know how to help my poor kid when they have a painful throat!) Wow, that’s quite double the power of regular phlegm medicine.


I went to research a bit to find out about Leftose. And I was quite surprised!

  • The Main ingredient in Leftose is Lysozyme Chloride, which is found in Eggs
  • Over 10,000 eggs are used to extract 1kg of Lysozyme Chloride
  • Lysozyme is a natural enzyme found in tears, saliva, nasal discharge and breast milk
  • This enzyme is also known as our body’s own anti-inflammation enzyme that breaks down some protein component that helps loosen phlegm and reduce inflammation.

This means Leftose is relying on a natural enzyme that is found in our bodies to do the work! The likely chance of allergies or side effects is very low!  I asked my friend how different is this from the regular phlegm medication, and he says Leftose would thin and break down the phlegm from air passage walls while at the same time, it relieves sore throats by neutralising the acids found when there’s inflammation. 

And I found out that Leftose is a common product found off the shelf at the pharmacy (like Paracetemol or Antihistamines) and doctors do prescribe this medicine too! So unless we need to see a doctor, I’m really quite happy to self medicate for basic ailments. (NOTE: I do go to the doctors, when self medication doesn’t work after a week)

Ohhh and a quick google showed many parents love Leftose too! Now that’s a winner, ya?

So we have included Leftose in our medical cabinet. I figured since they have Leftose for Kids (syrup) and Adults (pills), it is a good staple medicine to have! And that big plus point that it has natural enzymes assures me a LOT!


Leftose is available at Guardian and Unity Pharmacies islandwide. For more information, please check out the Leftose website

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% my own. 


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