Who gets Angry Faster and Scarier? The Teacher or The Parent?

Quick Question: Who gets angry faster and scarier–The Teacher or The Parent?

Here’s what happened to Nicole this morning.

At 6.30 a.m., just before leaving the house, she came to me with a Spelling Book and Pen. You see, she forgot to get my signature on her latest spelling test.

This may seem perfectly ok to you, but in our household, I’ve laid down the rules since Primary One that Mummy is NOT signing anything at 6 a.m. in the morning. They know that if they want any test/consent forms/documents signed, they need to show me the night before, so that I have time to read and digest and scold, if necessary. Signing stuff early in the morning is a huge loophole for every child, and I was determined to plug it!

So naturally I said NO! I’m not signing any spelling test.

And she burst into tears, and she sobbed and sobbed, “Mr Yeo will scold me, he will give me a Pink Slip” (This Pink Slip is some punishment paper that the teacher can give out, and if a student has 3 pink slips, he goes to the Principal’s office)

I held my ground. And I said something that shocked myself (at 6.30 a.m.!)

“Why can’t Mummy be angry and not sign the book?

You don’t want Mr Yeo to get angry, but you don’t mind Mummy getting angry?”

And that’s when I realised what has been staring at my face all this while. The kids are more afraid of their teachers than of me! They would not risk the wrath of a teacher, but are quite willing to risk the parents’ anger. And this explains why “I must bring the Green pen tomorrow”, “We must take a picture of the flower and print it out for tomorrow”, “I cannot bring a paper file, it must be plastic” etc etc etc etc

Nicole Drama Queen

Are your kids like this too? Would you have lowered your resolve and signed the silly spelling book? Do you feed that fear?

Btw, I signed the book in the end… 

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