Giveaway—Missy Stella, A New Fashion Online Shop

There’s a new fashion shopping site for us women! When I heard about it, I honestly thought, “oh man, another one?” I’ve heard of some horror stories of online shops, and the main complaint is always over promising and under delivering the products. But this new site—Missy Stella—is a little different. And I mean, really very different.

First, Missy Stella has quite a full range of women’s apparel and accessories for a start up. I was pleasantly surprised at what they have! Look at these items I found under $50!

Cheap white jacket detailed top Accessories cheap

I’ve not started on the bags & dresses! And if I up my budget, ooooh imagine my options!

Second, Missy Stella is very confident of the quality of their products. Such is their confidence that they organise shopping events for the customers to touch and feel the items. They had a Missy Stella Friends’ Party in Nov, and will be having a Christmas Spree event in Dec. I must say, I was really surprised. Usually online shops have bad packaging or inferior quality items and would avoid such meet-the-customer sessions.

Looking at the collections available on their Facebook page I’ve already have in mind what to check out on their December event. They promise a complete perfect 10 hours of shopping, and it’s going to be a brand new shopping experience. Looking at their set-up for the Nov party, I think Christmas Spree is something to look forward to!

Friends' party

Here are the details of the Christmas Spree:

Christmas Spree

And here’s a GIVEAWAY for Mum’s the Word readers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All the best! Winner will be announced on 10 Dec (Tues)!


*This is an advertorial for Missy Stella. All opinions are 100% my own

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