I Did Not Throw It Away

There are many personality tests out there, while there are some discrepancies in their description, one trait is consistent in all the results. I’m a sentimental person. I love keeping little stuff  to remind me of various ones and events. Ceteris Paribus, I would have drawers and cabinets filled with boxes of cards, notes, wrapping papers, cinema tickets, receipts, etc.

Alas! I married a very practical man, who doesn’t keep anything. There are no autograph books, no school mags, no photo albums. So you can imagine, there was no way I could keep my growing collection of memories.When we got married, I started downsizing these memories and I threw EVERYTHING away, except for some stuff which I kept safe hidden with our family documents.

I can’t recall how I decided what to keep and what to throw, but look at what I kept!

1. My Kindergarten Report Card, 1980

I know many have kept their Primary School report books, but I have this classic card which shows academics was very important then too. I was a B-grader at 5 yr old! hahahaha!

Kindergarten Report

2. My First Diary, written in 1983

Ms. Ang, my English teacher told us to write one entry a week, and it had to be handed in for marking. As I read it now, I cringe at the grammar.. hahaha but now I remember some stuff that happened that year! Check out some of my entries:

Diary 8yo Strawberry Shortcake


Sounds like HFMD?

Diary 8yo HFMD

3. Class Magazine, typed out and photocopied, 1987

My class decided to put together a class magazine. It was quite a feat considering the boys hated the girls’ guts, and the girls found them all immature. The 40 of us put together this magazine of mish-mash topics. I flipped through and found myself smiling and chuckling to myself.

Class Magazine Cover

And the one article I found most interesting was WHAT DO YOU THINK OF SEX? (I’ve to protect my classmates’ privacy, thus the photo effect!) Clearly, there were some of us who had the Birds & Bees talk with our parents at 12, and some who tried to act cool, and some who were just truly just enjoying childhood. 🙂

Class Magazine Page

4. Personal Magazine, 1988

I’m not sure what to call this. There were 7 of us who were really good friends in school. We had recess together, hung out at Macs after school, and met BOYS. I don’t remember the origins of this, but we put together a ‘magazine’, all handwritten, and it was filled with topics that were close to our hearts then.

Stuff like, Favourite love songs with amended lyrics, Dirty Jokes, Survey on what we thought of each other, and Survey on what the boys we knew thought of us! (GASP!) So you can imagine the sensitivity of the contents in this magazine! Here’s a glimpse of what was in it:

Personal Magazine

And there you have it, the things I keep that somewhat define me. I don’t think I would throw them, they are really very precious and in some way, embarrassing memories that I would eventually show my kids!


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Tomorrow Mrs Kam, who blogs at The Kam Family will share with you her very precious childhood and growing up photos!

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