What Is In Your Phone’s Address Book?

Not ago, a good friend showed me a message that her husband sent her in her mobile. I was pleasantly surprised at what she saved her husband’s name as in the phone—“DEAR DEAR” I was surprised cos this friend is quite a prim & proper lady, and I wouldn’t have thought she would use that name for her husband in the phone. I am not so proper, and my husband’s name is saved as “EDMUND TAY” hahahah! It got me thinking, and triggered a mini survey. WHAT IS IN YOUR PHONE’S ADDRESS BOOK?

Actually, it should be, what ‘name’ do you use for your loved ones in your phone? (and vice versa) I asked 17 Married couples and 14 Attached singles. And what I found was not surprising!

What is in your phone's address book

What was funny was the responses from the small group of wives (who saved husband’s names as nicknames)! They were quite surprised that the husbands used boring regular names in the phones!

It was interesting to also find out some theories (defensive ones I must say) from the married couples. The ones that used full names claim that “we are very practical” or “it’s linked to my gmail, so it would look strange if pet names appear on the email address”. hahaha!!

Coming from a married point of view, I must say, the married ones are really more practical. A good quarter of them saved the names with the letter “A” in front, so that the name is first to appear on the contact list. Another 2-3 saved their spouses’ names with “ICE” next to it, to indicate the universal In Case of Emergency code, for obvious reasons.

Well, over to the singles, their pet names were a full range! While I think it is correct to save the person’s name as per what you call them. For example, Mum’s number is saved as MUM, not as her name, so Hamster Bunny should logically be saved as Hamster Bunny. hmmm… just that, no one would know your boyfriend or girlfriend is Hamster Bunny. Yet, why would anyone else comb your phone to get his/her number?

I’m not here to judge. I told those I surveyed that their names would be kept confidential, and undisclosed. It’s just funny how different couples are after marriage! Esp the men!! hahaha….

So what do you save your partner’s name as in your phone?

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