One Tip to Get Back Your Lost Phone

Question: If you accidentally left your mobile phone behind on a bus or restroom ledge, would the honest kind soul who picks it up be able to return it to you?

Over the weekend, I was the one who left my phone behind. It was after Sunday Service and tilll now, I’m not even sure where and how and what happened, but I realised my phone was not in my bag about 20 min later. I was a little frantic, and I wanted to trace my steps and hopefully my eager eye can spot the phone.

But thank God, before I could even turn around to play Spot My Phone, one of my church friends told me my phone has been found, and it’s at the reception counter! Wooohoooo!!

Everyone around me was surprised, and thought my phone must be so distinctive that whoever who picked up the phone knew who I was and knew how to contact me! Haha.. I’m sorry, but my phone was really a very innocuous one. I didn’t put any photo on the wallpaper and there was no way anyone would know the password to access the phone.

So how did my phone get ‘identified’? Unless you are into labelling your mobile devices like how we do with our kids’ Water Bottles, Bags, Files etc, here lies the most important and practical tip that all mobile phone/tablet users should do! Screen shot with phone number This is the screen that all would see when they pick up a mobile device. If you unlock the screen, there’s usually a password or pin or pattern that you need to use to log in to gain access. Since there’s a high high chance the person who finds your device is a total stranger, there’s no way he/she would know your access code. So the only place one can see information about your identity is the screen lock page.

This is where you put in this all important phase, “If Found, Please Call XXX XXXX” (and please don’t put your phone number!) I would recommend you put your spouse or partner or BFF. Please do not put a land line number, or grandma’s number. It has to be a number that is always manned, that someone would always respond to. (Not grandma, cos if your grandma is like mine, she only switches on her phone at selected times of the day)

It is essential that you inform this person that you are doing this. It would be really funny if a stranger calls and say, “I found a phone and it says to call you” and the person is totally unaware of what to say or do next.

In my case, the number was to a line that would be picked up at any one time by someone in my department. My colleague immediately asked what brand of the phone it was, and if there’s any photo on the phone. He knew straight away it was my phone, so he called my number to confirm that the phone rang. He then arranged for the phone to be left at the reception counter, and proceeded to inform my husband that my phone was lost, and now is found đŸ™‚

And I am aware there’re the more technical advice about your IMEI number and remote shut down etc to protect your phone. But before you go so far, this is one practical tip that you can consider!


For Android users, you can go to the Security settings for your phone. And look for the option to key in Owner’s Information.

For iPhone users, you have to edit the photo you are using for your Screen Lock, and add in the necessary text.

I hope this helps!

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