Whatsapp’s Ticks, Last Seen As, Online Status–What they Mean

This is an updated post on WhatsApp and their ticks, Esp the new blue ticks!

Do you use WhatsApp?

I do! And I love it! It’s the *ultimate* means of communication to my family and friends. My parents have Whatsapp, we have a Family Group chat, and many many photos and video clips have been sent via these chats so we can keep in touch, esp when they were in Boston earlier this year.

Of course there are many other apps with this chat function—Viber; ChatOn etc. But it seems the fastest growing App for chatting is Whatsapp. Yet MANY MANY MANY users do not know how it works!

whatsapp msg 1

We assume that when we send a message, when the TWO ticks appear, the message is read. In fact, we think that 1st TICK means message is sent, 2nd TICK means message is read.

But I went to check it out. (cos many times, my assumption was wrong. The person hasn’t read my message!!!) Look at what the FAQ on the whatsapp site says:


wahahaha so those two ticks just assures you that the message was successfully delivered to the server!

So are my messages read?

Check out something new for WhatsApp!! Your ticks can turn BLUE! Have you seen this in your chats? The blue ticks started appearing this morning (6 Nov).

Screenshot Blue Ticks

WhatsApp-two blue ticks

What’s the conclusion then?

  • Now we know if your friend has read your message
  • BUT we can’t assume if your friend has read the message or just did a quick one second glance
  • AND we can’t assume that your friend is ignoring you or is simply busy and can’t reply at the moment

The day has arrived. Technology can now show our phone usage habits and your friends are now able to somewhat know or guess if you are deliberately ignoring them or are just simply in a situation which doesn’t allow you to reply. (READ: Driving, In a Meeting, Kid fell off the bed etc) And of course, sometimes, the answer just requires MORE TIME to think!!

So is technology that smart? Hmm… I feel, it goes back to relationships. If the message is that important, make that phone call, pay that visit. After all, that’s what keeping in touch is all about! 

What do you think about chatting on these mobile apps?

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