Get Good Sleep with a Mattress Topper!

There’s this thing about Mattresses. When it’s soft, you feel like a princess when lying on it. But you possibly would wake up with a bad back cos of the little support. And when it’s hard, you take really long to find that sweet spot to relax and sleep. Experts always say, it is a balance of the softest comfort with sufficient hardness to give you a good night’s sleep. And we see countless ads how a wine glass won’t spill or a robber oversleeping or mattress springs barely moving etc. What makes it more confusing, everyone has their own opinion about which is the best and worst brand!

And if you are one of the many who are stuck with a bad mattress, cos it is just way too expensive to buy a new one, you are really stuck! Do you know it takes eight weeks for your body to get used to a new mattress? And if your body can’t get used to it, you can be quite sure it is too late to get a refund!

In our home, we solved this dilemma when we started using the ErgoLush 2″ Gel-infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Yup, no favourite mattress here, but a favorite mattress topper!

A great way to get good sleep

We use this topper on top of our regular mattress, and it serves as an excellent mattress support for our back muscles. IT very quickly brings us to complete relaxation!

This is a very comfortable 2″ (5.1cm) high conforming topper which is made of memory foam that redistributes the supportive pressure from our hip/shoulder areas to other parts of the body. This is very important in preventing joint pains and tight muscles.

Just a Topper, but a COMFY one!

The entire mattress topper s gel-infused to ensure our bodies are kept cool, and you can be SURE you won’t wake up halfway through the night in perspiration! (This is so good! cos all other memory foam products always get warm very quickly!!)

We are using these mattress topper for the girls, and they really love it! They are raving that they can set up sleepover corners in the living room with these toppers while still getting good comfortable sleep! That’s how versatile these toppers are!

It’s so comfy she wants to sleep in the living room for TV night!

You see, buying a brand new mattress is a large investment, and many of us, are stuck with bad mattress support, cos it’s simply just not time to change our mattresses. But you can invest in good sleep with a fraction of the cost of a full mattress! With ErgoLush Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, the change is very affordable!

Super Single – S$87.90

Queen – S$119.90

King – S$189.90

If you are “stuck” with a really bad mattress, do consider this mattress topper. It really does wonders to your bed! And your sleep will be uninterrupted and in great comfort!

Find out more information from Mattress Topper Singapore.


Disclaimer: we received the mattress toppers for review, and all opinions are 100% our own. 

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