Y Metro Ballet Programme Review

I’ve always wanted to learn ballet. That’s a girl thing. Look slim and graceful, usually in pink. It’s the perfect girl thing to do! But that never happened. Ballet was expensive to learn when I was a child. By the time it was more affordable, I was too old, too stiff, and too fat.

For my girls though, it wasn’t difficult. I sent Nicole for ballet classes for about 6 months and she decided that’s not what she wanted. So we stopped. For Nadine, I just wasn’t so sure if her motor skills could cope with learning ballet. She needs just that little bit more attention.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I came across the Metro-Y Ballet Programme. With a focus to instil strength, discipline and grace, the children can enter the classes at any developmental level and systematically work their work through the levels. There’s no need to worry about starting late! (Nadine started at 5, considerably late in ballet years!)

Here’s how her classes went. Check out how much fun she is have while learning the fine ballet techniques!

Ballet kids stretch

Ballet unglamorous

Nadine Ballet

 Nadine Stretching

You can see she’s totally relaxed, and definitely enjoying herself. What was assuring was the programme aims to put the child through the exams with the British Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) when they are ready to be graded. The accreditation adds to the holistic aspect of the curriculum.

At the Metro-Y, ballet goes from the Preliminary/Pre Primary to Grades  1-8, to Intermediate and to Advance. The class ratio is small and this ensures that the teacher is able to give undivided attention. (In fact, the Metro-Y pride themselves as being able to maintain a 100% passing rate for the RAD exams in the last two decades!

So how are the teachers? Nadine had a really nice and motherly Mrs Cheong for class. She is firm with the girls and at the same time remained so approachable and helpful to all of them. Later I found out, she has over 38 years of teaching experience, and is a registered teacher and mentor with the Royal Academy of Dance in London.

It was clear that Nadine was in good hands. She totally enjoyed every minute of her class and looks forward to class every week.

Y Metro Ballet Programme is held at YMCA Stevens Road.

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