School Rules–Love them or hate them…

My last post was on my utter shock over the reaction in the Hair for Hope saga. Strangely, I felt compelled to list out the *unbelievable* school rules that I had when I was a kid.

I’m a mother now, I had a few years experience as an educator, I work with youths in church, I work with various vendors and contractors at work, and I must say, it still blows my mind why the school had these rules. Other than keeping up with tradition, and wanting to create a uniformed standard across the school, I cannot put my phantom why they imposed these rules. Why? Why? Why? Mdm Ho, Why? Mdm Chua, Why? Mrs. Tan, Why?????


Here’s a glimpse of these rules!

1. HAIR – Nothing coloured, girls cannot have hair longer than 3cm below the ear, and NO, absolutely NO hair accessories at all except Black Bobbin Pinslong hair

2. GLASSES – Only Black or Silver spectacles frames allowed.


3. WATCHES – Only a small face watch for all. Only black or silver straps allowed.

4. BRA – Only plain beige or white bras allowed. Don’t ask me how they check that!

5. SKIRT – All skirts cannot go shorter than mid of knee caps. (That’s mightily long when you are 15 yr old!)

6. SHORTS – All girls have to wear shorts under your skirt. They claimed we can’t sit properly!

7. Jackets – If the weather’s cooler and you need to wear a jacket, you can only wear the school jacket!

I have to stop now before I disclose more about the school I was in. All of us were really quite unhappy with these rules. As reluctantly as we abided by the rules, we kept to these rules as long as we were in the school premises. At the end, many of us were compliant (although we were complaining among ourselves all the time!

What made school fun was a great bunch of friends who could laugh and cry together. Looking back, those rules taught us much discipline and valuing authority over our lives.

Did you have school rules that you couldn’t understand or agree with?

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