NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum–After 14 days

14 days ago, I started on a unique challenge here to have beautiful glowing skin.

Here’s what I did:

  • After my bath every morning, I’ll apply liberally NIVEA Body UV Whiten­ing Serum on my arms and legs.

Confession: On Day 1, I applied sparingly cos I was afraid it would smell, or leave me feeling sticky and icky the entire day. Well, the fragrance was so light, I didn’t have to worry about it clashing with my perfume, or having an overpowering smell I can’t get ride of.

And it was totally non greasy! I didn’t feel like I was coated in cream and I certainly didn’t have to wait for the serum to “dry out” before I put on my clothes! It’s absorbed very quickly into the skin, and left my arms and legs smoooooooth!!

So after Day 2, I started to apply liberally , (I mean, a 14 day challenge is really short. I’ve got to somewhat help it by putting on MORE right?) Well, that proved to be quite unnecessary. By Day 5, I could start see the effect, so I changed and stopped being excessive. I applied normally. And ta-da… here’s the results:

NIVEA 14 Day Challenge

Let me show you a close up of my Day 14 arms & legs:


ok. that mole is still there (I don’t think this is meant to remove moles!) but check out my skin. It looks smoother, and fairer! and trust me, it feels softer too!

The best part is, I can use NIVEA Body UV Whiten­ing Serum daily without worrying about the cost ($9.55 per tube). And don’t think because it’s affordable, it’s not as effective. The quality  of this Vitamin C enhanced serum works wonders on my skin. It gives the important UV protection and whitens the skin too.

NIVEA Declaration

Go ahead and get a tube. Try the 14 day challenge. You won’t be disappointed!

There’s an on-going Insta­gram cam­paign till 15 Aug. All you need to do is upload sun­shots, out­door activ­i­ties when you are out of your home. The best pho­tos will stand a chance to win $188 NIVEA ham­pers weekly! Please use these hash-tags in your posts: #NiveaSG #UVWht­Serum #Sun­ny­fun #Sunshine

Dis­claimer: This is the second of two posts as part of a 14-day prod­uct expe­ri­ence trial, spon­sored by NIVEA. All opin­ions expressed here are my own.

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