Giveaway–Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

Recently, I was telling the husband, check out all the nice stroller options that parents have these days! The possibilities are endless! Some of the strollers look so comfortable that I don’t mind sitting in it to take a break from shopping too!

This is what I was referring to!

Baby Jogger City Mini

This is a Baby Jogger City Mini. The suspension system and wheels make it a perfect ‘carriage’ to bring baby around. The mesh backing keeps your baby cool, while the sun canopy protects baby from the sun’s rays. And one of the most important factor, the seat can be reclined into a flat position. This allows baby to lie down and have a good sleep while you can continue running your errands!

The Mini incorporates features such as Baby Jogger’s patented Quick-Fold Technology, ventilated near flat reclining seat with weather cover, universal City Series accessory mounting bracket, multiple storage compartments, a suspension system and wheels with sealed bearings, making it perfect for everyday use around town.

Now here’s the most important part. Can a mummy handle the stroller alone? Let’s assume you have your usual diaper bag in your hand, a baby and the stroller. And you are alone! Look at how the stroller can do a quick fold!

Baby jogger city folding

I tried it on my own. Setting up the stroller from scratch, then carrying Nadine (who is way heavier than any baby out there) and folding the stroller! It was a breeze!

Folded Baby Jogger

Now, the stroller is light (about 7kg) and its wheels can swivel easily to the direction you want. It is a really easy stroller to handle for any mummy! It’s no wonder it won so many awards! Honestly, I wish my stroller was so easy to use in the past!

gda aida

And specially for Mother’s Day and Mum’s the Word readers!

Here’s your chance to win a Baby Jogger City Mini (Retailing at SGD$599)!  We are giving away this very same stroller that we used for this photo shoot. It is only used for photo-taking and is still in a fantastic condition, and it will make a great addition to any family. If you are a mummy who needs a new stroller, or if you know a mummy who would love this stroller, join the giveaway for a chance to win this stroller!

Do note that the City Mini is not for jogging and/or running.

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Congratulations Belinda B.! We will contact you shortly regarding the Baby Jogger City Mini.

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