Giveaway: Style Essence Grooming Workshop

It seems that there’s a *hidden* goal in every woman to find out more about her body type, how to look better, what’s the cheat tips to looking slim, and bottom line, how to simply look more beautiful!

I came to this conclusion whenever there’s a Grooming Workshop/Make-up Workshop/Beauty Workshop etc. Anything that has an Expert sharing the trade secrets… and recently, I was reminded that Mummies are women too! They also want to look beautiful, slim and good!

You see, the Singapore Mom Bloggers organised a workshop on grooming, as part of their one year anniversary celebrations. And the turn out was great, the mummies were all excited to learn and try hands on beautifying themselves! The session was conducted at Style Essence, professionals for skin care, make-up and style coaching. Our facilitator that day was the gorgeous, vivacious Florinda Tay.

First up was the basic introduction to various body shapes and the very important—What to wear and what to avoid!

Body Shapes

Then came colours that we should wear and how to match them, based on our colour tone. This was not something new, but as with all women, we all wanted to hear it again—what works and what doesn’t! It’s amazing, we women!

Colors you can wear

Now came the hands-on part! We were taught how to wash our faces! Haha!! Yes! Something so simple and so basic, but many of us did it wrong! Did you know that we should use only our third and fourth fingers from each hand to wash our faces? So that the pressure on our face is not too heavy to cause wrinkles, not too light to not clean it! Imagine, close to 10 grown women, all mummies, following instructions closely, which direction to move our fingers, where to clean first etc! It was hilarious but so so good!

Fresh face after mask

Then came the half-mask. We didn’t get to do a full face mask, because when it’s half-face, we get to do a direct comparison on how our faces look like before and after a mask! I didn’t get to take a picture of my post-mask, but trust me, there was a difference!

plainHalf Face facial 1

Before I go on, I have to say that Style Essence uses products from Mary Kay. From the skin care products to the make-up, Florinda patiently explained each item—how to use, when to use, who should use. I was very comfortable with her presentation as there was no hard-selling at all, no pressure at all to purchase the products. Every item was put on the table for easy access, we could focus on listening to the beauty regime and follow suit accordingly without worrying about sufficient cream or snatching for the best colour!

Array of skincare and makeup

Now after cleaning our faces, we did the super fun part—Make-up! Florinda gave instructions for the easy part—foundation and concealer. Thereafter, she did on live demonstration on ONE eye and cheeks for one of the mummies. The very beautiful Sandra was the chosen model cos of her BIG eyes and her lovely lashes!

Demonstration Eye

And that was it! It was now our turn to transform ourselves! And this is the final product!

SMB mummies

All the Glam mummies, and we did it ourselves!! Woah!! All these in a 3 hour workshop! It was time very well spent!

Postscript: Over the Easter weekend, I woke up a little earlier, spent a bit more time on doing my make-up the CORRECT way. I figured practice makes perfect! I did get a few compliments in church! Woohoo! Happy is a woman who gets compliments. Happier is a woman who gets compliments for her efforts!

Good news for all Mum’s the Word readers! Style Essence is giving away a Grooming Workshop pass worth $150! And there are three passes to be won! The contest will run for 2 weeks and results will be announced on 15 April 2013! It’s easy to enter! Just use the Rafflecopter form below! All the best!!

*Style Essence will be contacting all winners on the details of the workshop.*

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Disclaimer: We were invited to attend the workshop, and received no compensation. All opinions are 100% my own.

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