Fit & Fab Friday: To grow old healthy

18th day of the new year… the running and the healthy dieting is doing erm… … … great. Ok. I mean I’m keeping to my exercise schedule. But to be honest, there are days I dread waking up to run, days I think that rain clouds are looming, days I think too much running would injure my muscles … (you get the idea?)

There is one thing that keeps me going. I shared earlier in my post: My positive motivation… … My Papa or the kid’s GongGong.

GongGong cycling

This photo was taken before Nicole & Nathan learnt how to cycle. Then, my dad would walk/jog with them while they cycle. Now that they know how to cycle, their speed increased and to keep up with them, he would get a bike as well and cycle with them.

No big deal I guess, except my dad is 67 this year!!!! He has no problem racing with them down East Coast Park. The kids love playing with GongGong, and enjoy every minute together. And it is very clear my dad loves it too!

I’m not so sure if I can do the same with MY grandkids when I’m older! My lifestyle since young was sedentary.

  • I don’t exercise in any way
  • I don’t like running after the bus unless necessary
  • I don’t dash across the road unless necessary
  • I don’t like overhead bridges
  • I like to eat and read
  • I like to snack

There was really no way I can cycle with the kids when I’m 67. I mean, I can’t even do that without panting now!

It hit me when I realised if I still don’t work out and be fit, it is very likely I’ll be an unmovable lump of fat when I babysit my grandkids next time. In a more present timeframe, I would really like to be able to cycle with the kids without limping the next day and I want to be genuinely enthusiastic when I bring them to the park to play. This is just a teeny glimpse of what I can possibly do when I’m fit.

I am great with excuses, but with my dad as this inspiring motivation, I’m happy to report, I’m still keeping to my schedule of running on alternate days. Yahoo!!

What is your motivation to be Fit & Fab? Join me below for this week’s Fit & Fab Friday!

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