Fit & Fab Friday: Evaluation & Insane Home Fat Loss

It’s evaluation time as we start a new month. I’ll do the technicalities before touching my raw emotions.


No. of days since I started: 31 days

No. of days I ran at least 2.4km: 16 days

Longest distance ran: 5.99km

Shortest distance ran: 2.34km

Fastest pace: 7:23 avg. min/km

Weight loss: 2.7kg (so pathetic!!)


Breakfast: Cereal with low fat milk or 2 slices wholemeal bread plain and an apple

Lunch: Fish soup or Yong Tau Fu soup or 2 popiah with 1 siew mai

Dinner: Clear soup (all kinds) and a punnet of blueberries or half bunch of grapes

Snack: Plain cereal or grapes


Quite estatic when my legs don’t hurt after I run now.

Getting a little narcissistic cos I like to look at the mirror now just to see if there’s that little big of fat that left or melt away.

I’m reliant on my buddy chat group to keep me going. Cos 2.7kg for a month’s work seem really slow. I’m comforted to know weight is not everything.


I purchased the Insane Workout by Mike Chang. I am on Day 3 now…. and it’s a killer!!! So I do the run and workout on alternate days. That makes it nearly a daily exercise! Woohoo!! Again thanks so much for the buddies that cheer me on!

Leaving you now with a snippet of the Insane Workout. It’s different each day. Just take 20 min of your time, wear a pair of shoes at home, and have a towel on standby. haha… try it!! Let me know how you find it!

Join me below for this week’s Fit & Fab Friday!

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