Parkway East Doctor For A Day

In July, Parkway East invited us to be a part of their very educational and very fun Doctor for a Day programme. Ok, it wasn’t me who got to be the doctor, but all three of the kids! And the theme was Orthopaedic! Imagine that 4-syllabus word that your kids would learn, and everything about it all in a very hands-on and engaging experience. 

I must admit that my first thought about the programme was how very crowded it would be! And it would be a crazy mess with parents around checking out their little ones. But I was wrong! Parkway East arranged and planned it such that parents are kept AWAY from their kids, but NEAR enough to that those precious shots. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

We started with a briefing session for all the doctors. This was definitely a very serious moment as the kids were told all the dos and don’ts as doctors, and how important it is to keep your hands clean, have your hair tucked in and paying attention at all times!

Doctor for a Day

Look at all the incredible notices on the doors! The hospital transformed a portion of one of the wards into a linear flow of activities for the kids. Each group get to do the activity for the time stipulated and the parents outside have a very clear understanding of what’s happening. I loved the attention to details!

Doctor for a day Layout

And this went on for all the different stops the kids went for. Check out what they did and their super excited faces!

Doctor for a day well planned

Doctor for a day bandaging


Doctor for a day nursery

Doctor for a day poo

Doctor for a day small group

Doctor for a day Operating theatre

Doctor for a day final

At the end of the day, the kids learnt a great deal, had a good time and received a generous goodie bag! Look at these doctors!

Doctor for a day 2hours

We have no one in the medical industry in our family, yet the doctors are one of the ‘regular’ occupations we see due to illnesses or visitations for family and friends. It was a wonderful experience for the kids to know what doctors do, how important their work is, and how wide their scope of work can be!

Parkway East is having a Health Detective Day next month for the entire family!

Health Detective Day

For the kids, (ages 5-10) they get to experience being a General Practitioner, Dietitian and Radiologist! Wooohooo! And all for $10 per child! For the grandparents, they can learn more about healthy eating, muscle strengthening exercises and get a cataract screening! And for $10 per person! There are also activities and challenges for entire families and you can find out more here. Registration closes on 24 October 2014!!

I love it when there’s such activities for the entire family! And when it’s well-planned, it makes every minute worth its while! Thank you Parkway East!


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