Daily Morning Routines for Primary School

Today is Day 4 in school for Nicole & Nathan. As expected, things are slowly falling into a steady routine. The kids pack their bags the night before, get school uniform ready, put their shoes and socks by the door and go to bed. In the morning, again, as expected, there’s gnashing of teeth, grumpy faces and lots and lots of running water from the shower. (Am I the only one with increased water bills when school is on??)

On our way to school, we do one round of dedicating the day to God. It’s heart-warming to hear what the kids pray for. “Please make me smart” “Let all my teachers like me” “Help me remember everything” and “Give me many many friends”. I’m grateful there’s no prayers that wish the teacher doesn’t go to school, or that someone drops dead!

The true test starts when the homework and projects come in. The daily routine has to be so ingrained in them so that when the going gets tough with all the times tables and spelling lists, life still goes on.

It’s my prayer that for every day of their school life, they start it well and end it well. Whatever that happens in between is part of life and part of learning. They must have a wonderful and memorable time in school, after all, that would contribute a huge part to who they are eventually!

How do other parents handle their daily routine schedules? I hope we are not alone in this!

Will write again at the end of Term 1. Let’s see how they go then! Here’s them on Day 1:

N1 N2 in school

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