City Harvest Case – Why Am I Still Here?

I am from City Harvest Church, and it is a place I call my church and my life. I don’t have grand stories about how I met God here or this is where I met my husband. I can’t even say I’m an ‘old-timer’ member since I’ve only starting attending CHC in the last 15 years. I came a few years before the Crossover Project started. So that’s probably the bestest claim I can make–I was there when the Crossover started.

So why are you still here

Because I believed and still believe in the Crossover. It was and is a tremendous honor to be a part of this project that saw many salvations and brought revival to many churches in Asia. A dear friend wrote quite a bit on the Crossover here.

But your money! Did you hear where it went?

I heard where it was going before I gave, I heard where it went after I gave, and now I am hearing the same thing when I hear it mentioned in court.

I am an Executive Member in CHC, and I did vote with my mind and heart to give the Board the mandate to invest the money. So it invested in bonds which apparently went around to pay for parts of the Crossover. That’s ok, cos I already said ok earlier.

I am also one of those who contributed to the supposedly secret Multi-Purpose Account (MPA). [By the way, it was secret cos only those who gave knew about it. If you didn’t know, erm, cos it didn’t concern you! I honestly didn’t know everything in life had to be put out in the open.] I gave to the MPA fully aware of the purposes of the fund. I wasn’t coerced into it, and I definitely wasn’t tricked into giving to the MPA.

They took your money! You sure you know about this?

They? You mean the defendants? But they didn’t take my money and put it in their pockets. The money was used for investments which eventually led to financing the Crossover.

And when I gave, I didn’t lose anything. I was still blessed just as I’ve been before the Crossover started. I sowed, and I reaped. The same principle was still very much at work! I had financial breakthroughs, blessings, beautiful children, lovely family etc. I wasn’t shortchanged, in fact, I was even more blessed than ever before!

So do you think they did it? 

Did what? They took the money and bought bonds and invested and funded the crossover. Yes they did. We all know they did. How they did it sounds complicated but we did give them the mandate to invest the money.

If you are asking if I think they are guilty of the charges on them, the answer is no! There’s no reason why they needed to falsify accounts or conspire to commit criminal breach of trust. The intent was always clear from the start, there’s a crossover project and we needed to fund it.

I can’t say more since the trial is ongoing. But I know that I know that there was no intent to cheat.

What if the verdict is guilty?

Well, life goes on. The church goes on, there’s work to be done, people to counsel and encourage etc.

I don’t live my life on “what ifs” so I really don’t like this question. But if it is, we still have to move on. Would I be disappointed? Would I feel like my faith and trust was misplaced?

I would be disappointed cos I would very much want them all to walk off cleared of all charges. But I won’t feel my faith and trust was misplaced. I went into this with my eyes and ears wide open. I got to hear what would be done, I got to experience the blessings when it came. If the court decides they are guilty, it doesn’t take away the fruits of the crossover. It doesn’t undermine the blessings I experienced when I gave. It doesn’t rubbish the values and principles that Ps. Kong taught me through the years.

You heard the allegations. Don’t tell me you are ok with it? You won’t leave CHC? 

Yes, I won’t leave. Why should I?

Every week, I still experience God’s presence in church. There’s wonderful praise and worship. There’s a good word each week that changes my life, challenges me and teaches my God’s ways. There’re people in my cell group who are around to love God together. There’re kids in Children’s Church who are learning great lessons from the Bible. There’s testimonies after testimonies of God’s goodness and presence. Why should I leave?

I’ve not even gone on the bit about being loyal and standing behind my pastors and friends who believe in the Crossover vision. Yes, I’ve heard the allegations. And as mentioned, they are allegations. I may not know all the explanations or stories behind these really unrelated allegations, but I know enough to be loyal.

These supposed insiders claim they know the inside stories. Their only claim to their insider relationship is with a renegade who broke ranks with the others. How is that fair to make a conclusion based on his allegations without hearing out the rest? I admit the allegations were eyebrow raising and truly tabloid material. BUT I’ve not seen any fruits of this man, I’ve not heard him preach. How can I leave CHC just because of his allegations? Isn’t it a basic expectation to hear how Pastor Kong can refute these claims? (and possibly Pastor Tan later)

Yes, I repeat, I’m not leaving. I just don’t see why I should.

Back to my statement from the beginning. I am from City Harvest Church, and it is a place I call my church and my life.

Note: I am a staff in CHC. Just to be clear. I’m still here not because I’ve no choice. I chose this church and I chose this job.The above are my personal views and I do not represent the staff or management of CHC. Although I don’t think I’m alone in these thoughts! 🙂    



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