Christmas Gifts: Now what?

We are so thankful for all the gifts we have! In the end, the kids were so excited about their gifts, whatever fancy idea I had to start gift opening tradition went down the drain.

One thing for sure, the pink and purple quotient in my house has gone up considerably over the holidays. I don’t understand why doesn’t Barbie paint her house yellow or green or beige? How can one have a pink bed frame, a purple door, pink roof, purple wallpaper, pink bathtub, purple dining table, pink pots & pans, purple towels… … …?

Girls Christmas Gifts

Well the both girls love it. Together with some pink bracelets, purple wallets, pink pencil cases, purple handbags…

As for Nathan, his gifts are Blue, Red or Grey. Blue cars, Red cars, Grey tracks, Blue Beybade, Red Beyblade, Grey mechanism. But he does have splashes of Yellow, White and Black. The boys definitely have a more rainbow worldview!

Boys Christmas Gifts

Looking at the toys, the Mars & Venus comparison starts. The colours, the details, the technicality, and the cost of the toys!! It all started from the very beginning. (To be objective, the girls toys were simply imaginative good old play toys. But the boy’s! Batteries operated, physics and aerodynamic involved and that little LED screen?)

Anyway, today is 27 Dec. The timeline thus far:

25 Dec – Unwrap (tear open) all Christmas gifts and OPEN one gift per child

26 Dec – OPEN one gift per child

27 Dec – Christmas ends. All gifts are in the storeroom.

That’s six toys in our living room, permanently set-up. (See pictures above) It should last till school starts, and there after, we will ration one new toy a month per child.

This Christmas, I’m grateful for all the love and generosity that our family and friends have given us. We are of course ever more thankful for God’s hand and all his provision in our lives. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!'s Talkative Thursdays


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