A New Look!

How do you like this new layout and theme for the blog?

I am on wordpress (which I really really love!) and recently, I was ‘forced’ to change my themes when I received feedback from some readers that they couldn’t access some of my blog posts! Apparently it would lead them to an ‘empty’ page! I spoke to some friends who advised me to reduced the plug-ins I’ve installed and be very selective which plug-ins to activate.

Well, I did that. I deleted nearly every possible plug-in I had which I didn’t recognise or I don’t remember installing! Haha… clearly, that didn’t really solve the problem. So I did the next best thing. Changed the entire theme!

Ta-da!! I thought this looks a little less stark and has a bit more color to it! Look at the previous theme!


But I need help now from fellow bloggers.

What are some really good hidden finds stable plug-ins that you can recommend? You see, I’ve deleted a huge chunk of it during the spring cleaning! Thank you!!

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