Monthly archives: January, 2015

Easy Quick Breakfast: Everything-Also-Can Egg Casserole

This year is a huge milestone for my family. All 3 kids are in primary school, and this means breakfast is served at 6.15 a.m. in the morning. While I have a very capable helper, she is limited to the breakfast dishes she can come up with at that hour. I certainly do not want…

Therapy 101

Therapy 101: My Heart Broke Because of the Learning Support in School

Yesterday, my heart broke when I had a chat with Nadine about school. And I’m still reeling from the emotions that hit me. I kind of guessed this would happen, but I didn’t know it would be so soon and so fast. It started with the Learning and Behavioural Support Allied Educator (AE) in her school….

What Prospers My Soul

The Bible says we should prosper in all things, just as our soul prosper. Do you know what makes your soul prosper? To many, spending time with our family and close friends always satisfy our souls. It can be a meal, an outing, or just simply spending time together. These always makes us happy. Putting…

Parkland Green – Relax and Chill

The latest buzz in town is Parkland Green. Yeah, it’s not a new restaurant, it’s not a new airport, it’s not even a mall. It’s a nice enclave of restaurants, cafes, retail shops and a beautiful green lawn for picnics, running kids and walking dogs! Ohhh and it’s by the beach. Lovely open spaces, fresh fresh…

Primary School Kids’ Schedules

When we decided to have kids, we were comforted that there were childcare options readily available in office, or various centres near home/office. When they started pre-school, we had to tighten our belts to send them to full-day childcare centres. There was no way we could do those 3-hr kindy since we are working full-time….

Discovery Edu Cove – Educational Centre in Tampines

There’re tons of tests around to check your personality type, your ideals of romanticism, your Shakespearean character, your cooking style etc. Alongside these *interesting* tests, there’s the proven tests to find out your learning style. The three broad bands are: Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic learning styles. As parents, we want our children to have lessons…

Turning 40 – A Monthly Update

I turn 40 this year. According to social norms, this is supposed to be a huge milestone. I mean, just google “Turning 40” and you get a whole lot of related posts. There are images, cartoons, catchphrases and standard jokes about it. (sorry, I don’t see why the punchline only works for 40 yr olds???)…