15 April in the Tay Family

Today is Tax Day in Singapore, United States and Philippines. It’s also the founding date of McDonald’s Family Restaurant. Sadly, various disasters happened on this date: The Hillsborough human crush in the FA Cup Semi-finals, The start of Tiananmen massacre, and the bombing at Boston Marathon. All these events on 15 April. For our family, 15 April means a whole lot more.

6 years ago, at the start of 15 April, I was drugged happily with epidural. Contractions were on-going, dilation was on-going as the clock ticked. After a couple of pushes, the little one popped out. At that time, I thought I would be used to giving birth. But no. The indescribable joy still hits when I carried the baby in my arms. I was hit with unspoken joy and thankfulness to God for creating such a perfect little baby.

Here’s my little one!

Nadine baby

Smiley Nadine

Nadine 10 Quiet

One Year Nadine

Nadine 5 sweet

Nadine 17 chubby

Nadine 9a looks like

Nadine 11 eats

Nadine Flower Girl

Nadine 12 cheeky

Happy Birthday my pretty princess! We love you and you will always be our meimei!

Praying you would always remember

and never forget the things we have taught and are teaching you…

… that you store the commands of God and wisdom in your heart …

… that you never let love, faithfulness and kindness leave you…

…That you will find favour with God and with people.

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