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Recently, I was at a supermarket shopping for oranges. There was a couple next to me buying oranges too. What surprised me was their focus on picking the ‘perfect’ orange. They picked up each orange, looked for bruises and cuts, then passed to each other for a second round of checks before putting it in their basket! I looked at the oranges they ‘rejected’ and realised there are some defects on them!

That’s when I realised is it so difficult to go grocery shopping? That couple spent a good 10 minutes to pick their 10 oranges! Can you imagine how long they need to spend at the shops if they are buying food for the week? I really stood in horror looking at them!

So when I embarked on my shopping trip at PurelyFresh, I wasn’t sure what to expect! I definitely won’t have the opportunity to pick and choose the food, there’s no way I could look at how fresh the meat was, or ‘reject’ fruits with bruises and cuts, or even pick out the largest and best-est one in the basket.

For my first purchase, I did a very conservative buy. I focused on vegetables and fruits. I was aware of PurelyFresh’s policy of delivery—that if the food is not up to the customer’s expectations, we can return it and get a refund. I figured vegetables and fruits are easy to check. I mean, if the leaves are yellow and falling out, or if the fruits are discoloured, I can see it immediately and point it out! (the typical Singaporean to ensure I get super value of my money spent!)

Here’s what I ordered:

Vegetable Order Edited



Vegetable Order 2 edited

And here’s my food delivered by a very friendly Desmond, PurelyFresh’s delivery guy.

Desmond Delivery

And look at the packaging!

PurelyFresh Delivery


The more ‘vulnerable’ vegetables like Baby Corn and Capsicums were kept in that huge ice cooler, while the more ‘normal’ vegetables like Carrots or non-chilled products like Garlic were in the plastic bags. But I must say, even the food in the plastic bags were cool, and not at room temperature. The only way for that is a chilled truck used for delivery! Awesome—cos my food is kept at optimum temperature!

I chatted with Desmond for a while, and he explained that all the food were packed in the morning and kept chilled all the way till the delivery (which was about 1 p.m.) That was assuring cos I know PurelyFresh owns the wet markets Woodlands, Seng Kang and Punggol. So my food were as fresh as what the Aunties bought when they went marketing this morning! (And I didn’t have to pick and choose or lug the buys home!)

I was very impressed with how the vegetable and fruits came! Check it out!

Fresh Fruits

Fresh Vegetables

You must be thinking what did I do with all these vegetables? Well apart from the regular daily stir-fry, I made Pasta Sauce! We’ve been preparing our own sauce and freezing them for the past two years. Each time, we make enough to last us for 5 Pasta meals. So you can imagine the enormous quantity involved each time!

I definitely took advantage of PurelyFresh to deliver all my ingredients needed for the sauce! I was so excited, I didn’t get to take pictures of them. But here’s a peek at what I used:

Pasta Dish Ingredients

Everything was from PurelyFresh. Check out the beautiful hues! Everything was so fresh and so large too! (Look at the carrot slices! Huge compared to the teeny ones we get in the supermarkets!)

And after that first purchase, I became a huge fan. I knew I could try ordering their famous Yong Tau Fu, or seafood or various meats. I just knew they won’t compromise on the freshness of the food! Woohooo!!

Just for YOU Offer

From now till 30 Nov, all Mum’s the Word readers can get a $20 off for your first order! On top of that, you get 5x $8 PurelyFresh credits for your subsequent purchases! Woohoo! All you need to do is key in MUMSEWORD when you check out.

Happy Shopping!

*Disclaimer: This is a series of Sponsored conversations with PurelyFresh. All Opinions are 100% my own. 

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