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There’re tons of tests around to check your personality type, your ideals of romanticism, your Shakespearean character, your cooking style etc. Alongside these *interesting* tests, there’s the proven tests to find out your learning style. The three broad bands are: Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic learning styles. As parents, we want our children to have lessons planned and suited to their individual learning styles.

Alas, how’s that possible in the Singapore education system? There’s just simply not enough resources to do that! Just imagine the logistics in planning the timetable alone! Woah!!

I was pleasantly surprised when I found an enrichment centre which tests the child’s learning style and caters the lessons accordingly. That would mean quite a lot of work for the teachers, but that would mean great returns for the child at each class!

Discovery Edu Cove is an educational centre which focuses on Creative Writing (English), Problem Solving (Math) and Exploring Science (Science). They have classes for students from K1 to P6 and each class has no more than 6 kids. They offer each child an assessment to find out his/her learning style, and from there, you can be sure that the activities and worksheets are suited to that!


I was invited to visit the centre and met the founder, Patricia Quek. She was really passionate about teaching and ensuring learning is achieved in her school. She spoke of how her team would come up with interesting themes and lesson plans that are aligned to MOE’s syllabus, and how they deliberately avoid any form of rote learning. She is insistent that when learning is done thru play and via individual learning styles, the child would have a natural aptitude to learn.

During our chat, I became curious how a centre which was established in 2011 can have such a loyal following. (There were lots of testimonies on the walls from parents and children, and lots of pictures of students with glowing reports of their excellent PSLE grades) And they have students from all over the island!

You wanna know why? One word. Passion.

Patricia and her team of 14 full-time trainers are really passionate about education. Term Progress reports are common things given to the parents. At Discovery Edu Cove, the term progress reports are given to the child, and they get to see a report on their learning development. It’s not a report with grades and numbers, but one to show how the child has been responding to the lessons and class, observations about  their interactions in class and activities done. Personal feedback from the trainers will be given to the parents if necessary, but the intention is never to put down a child, but to ensure a healthy view to learning.

Above that, if your child has a test next week, and you feel he/she needs more prep, extra classes are given free. This is on top of free study groups that is offered to all students. You can imagine the confidence that a child feels just from the support garnered at the centre!

No wonder they have good reports from their students! And no wonder they have students from all over the island! It is easy to come up with a ‘hardware’ and run an education centre… after all, it’s just hardwork, planning and some teaching experience required to write a curriculum. However, the ‘software’ is what makes a centre different from the rest. The commitment of the trainers at Discovery Edu Cove is admirable and that definitely adds tremendous value to each child’s learning journey.



Discovery Edu Cove is offering all readers from Mum’s The Word a free 1.5hr trial class (Worth S$25). Just quote “Mum’s The Word” when you call up for your trial class. I think it’s worth your while to go check out this centre. See for yourself this passion I noticed.

The centre is located at:

Blk 801, Tampines Avenue 4
#01-275 (Take the stairs up to Level 2)
Singapore 520801

Tel: 6650 0646



Disclosure: I was invited to do a review for Discovery Edu Cove, and all opinions are 100% my own. 

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