A massage for those who run – OSIM uHip Review

OSIM is always synonymous with creating technology that makes one relaxed and comfortable. Think of all their massagers and chairs! It’s amazing how many products they have that deal with various needs. And now, I may have found something just for me!

I go running quite often since my Fit & Fab 2013 goals that I set. Unfortunately, this meant that I get achy calf muscles when I miss out on a proper warm up, or strain my thigh muscles accidentally. And if I take a break because of pure laziness or busy schedule, I do get some lower back aches because of prolonged inactivity! So when I received the OSIM uHip for review, I knew this might just be the product for me!

OSIM Uhip Review

So I tried the uHip on my lower back and my thighs. As promised, the uHip does bring relief to these aching back and thighs. One thing though, I’m not sure if my hips and thighs can fit in the uHip if I’m a tad bit larger!

And for something a little different, I tried it on my calves. I must say it is a little odd with one leg in the uHip and the other on the floor. But when the massage starts, it really kneads the muscles, loosens the tightness and the soreness goes away much quicker!

So check out my review below and you can try it at any OSIM outlets!

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