Hadara Aesthetics Boutique: Manual Lymphatic Drainage Review

Recently, I was introduced this term “Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) treatment”. I was told it is a very light massage developed in France, and is a most effective massage technique used for cancer patients to assist with lymph flow and aid in the drainage of tissues. It really sounded very impressive! Ahh… but it did cross my mind…it could very well be a marketing gimmick, after all, I’ve never heard of MLD!

So I went to ask my very good friend who’s a medical professional. Her immediate reply was, “Yes, they use MLD for cancer patients”. But she’s not familiar with it to comment on its effectiveness. And my next step was to ask my very trusted friend who is well-versed in many fields—Google.

Here’s what I found:

MLD is a type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. The massage consists of a gentle pressure. It is not a deep massage. If it is too deep it won’t work because it flattens the small lymph vessels so that the fluid can’t drain. The movements are slow and rhythmic so the lymph vessels open up. MLD is used to treat Breast cancer patients, or those with Sports Injury.

And this was why I agreed to try out a MLD treatment. Since this takes tremendous skill and patience, I was very assured that YY Low from Hadara Aesthetics is a trained MLD therapist. (and it’s more assuring that YY is one of the 3 founders of Hadara, which speaks for her seriousness in her skill and her commitment!) It is vital a trained therapist does MLD as a wrong move would mean a wrong vessel pressed or drainage blocked.

At this cosy boutique spa, I was led to a comfortable room which was beautifully scented with aromatic oils that made me feel so comfortable. As I got ready and laid on the massage table, YY came in and told me that the first step is to get me totally relaxed. If I’m tensed or very conscious of what’s going on around, it would be difficult to fully enjoy the MLD Treatment.

And ever so gently, she told me to close my eyes, and take deep breaths by following her count. It was something like Breath in very slowly, taking about 5 seconds. Subsequently, breath out very slowly, taking another 5 seconds. OMG, it was so hard for me! I ended up giggling, and apologising. Clearly, I had lots of difficulty lying still and just relaxing.

YY was so patient. She just told me it’s ok, we can try again! Thus, I closed my eyes, and she started her count as I breathed in and out ever so slowly! Then silently, she started her massage. It didn’t even feel like a massage! It’s like a very very soft gentle touch of the skin—likened to a light brush across my body. True enough, I was soon in la la land… (according to YY, I was snoring quite a bit too!) With YY’s precise hand movements, pressures and sequences, the MLD aims to generate antibodies, distribute fluid and nutrients, and to drain excess fluids and proteins.

Hadara YY Low

Later, when I spoke with YY, I learnt more about MLD. Lymphatic congestion in our bodies is caused by simple things like lack of exercise, obesity, injuries, illness, immobility, stress, unhealthy dietary habits, incorrect posture, pregnancy, menopause, post-surgery & more. She advised that when one goes through weekly MLD treatments for a month, one can feel the difference quite significantly.

It brings improvement to one’s immune system, reduce all water retention (this means, weight loss!),  improves metabolism and blood circulation, eliminates waste and toxins and alleviates skin conditions and eliminates waste and toxins.  And most importantly, it (to me!) relaxes and rejuvenates the body!

Did I feel this all? Well, I definitely fell sound asleep during the entire treatment. YY had to try to wake me up a couple of times. I must admit that while she was giving me instructions on what to do next, I wasn’t really paying attention. My eyes were struggling to remain open. I was really in deep deep sleep!

I would love to try MLD again next month, so that I can measure the effectiveness and make some serious recommendations. Until then, I was really in a super relaxed state, and felt very refreshed after the treatment!

To find out more, you can go to the Hadara Aesthetics’s site. The 90 minute (1.5hr) MLD treatment is priced at S$200 and the luxurious 120 minute (2hr) session is at S$250. And for a very special promotion: Buy 3 90 minute MLD sessions and get 1 session free! Offer ends 31 July 2015


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*Disclaimer: Hadara sponsored the 120 minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment, but all opinions are 100% my own.


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