Bucket List for Kids

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a dear friend. She shared that she has a list of ‘milestones’ for her kids. As she explained, I realised it was somewhat like a “BUCKET LIST” that she wants her kids to be able to do before they grow up. I’m not sure if that’s the right term, but this Kids’ Bucket List is a really good idea! It’s a ‘sporty’ list of sorts.

Here’s what’s on her list:

  • To be able to Swim
  • To be able to Cycle
  • To be able to Roller-blade
  • To be able to sit on a swing, and swing high

Swing High

It got me thinking what would my Bucket List for my kids be? Like my friend, I want them to do all that’s in her list. And some more.

Top on my list: My kids must be able to run 2.4km without body aches and stopping for a stroll. You see, in Singapore, we have the National Physical Fitness Award (NaPFA) that every student has to undergo from age 10. I struggled big time when I had to take this test every year. Ok, let me be brutally honest. I hated NaPFA. Really really hated it.

2.4 runShuttle runInclined pull upSit ReachStanding Braod jumpSit Up

That’s what we had to do.

  1. 2.4-km/1.6-km Walk-Run: Minimum time on firm and level surface (1.6km for under 12yo)
  2. Shuttle Run: Faster of two 4×10 metre attempts
    • Pull-ups (for males 15 years and above only): Maximum in half-a-minute
    • Inclined Pull-ups (for all females, and males up to the age of 14): Maximum in half-a-minute
  3. Sit and Reach: Better of two attempts with floating zero point
  4. Standing Broad Jump: Better of two distances
  5. Sit-ups: Maximum in one minute

The only thing I could do confidently was Sit and Reach. (haha the most un-sporty event). Everything else was a big struggle. So I would really want my kids not to suffer like me. The toughest bit was the 2.4km run… thus all my kids must be able to run the distance completely without struggling.

Do you have a similar ‘physical’ Bucket List for your kids?

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