Real Gymnastics for Kids

I am a proud mummy. Yes, proud of my kids, proud of their achievements. And recently, my girls went for their first Gymnastics Meet! (The boy wasn’t interested and thus wasn’t even picked!) After one year of doing gym, I am so amazed at their dexterity, co-ordination and flexibility!

I guess I was so impressed cos I’ve never done gym in my life, and my only exposure were the 4-yearly Olympic games on TV. So we had no idea what to expect. All I knew was what Nicole & Nadine told me: They will be doing Beam, Floor, Vault and Bars. I kind of knew what these were, and I was further ‘tutored’ on the fine arts of these events. You see, my girls were practising a lot at home. There are no bars, but they used an imaginary one, and shouted out what they would do. I’ve no Balance Beam, and they used the line on the tiles to practice.

For Nicole, I knew she was really good and totally loves gym. Her coach gives us good reports and we can tell, with our untrained eyes, that she’s really not bad. For Nadine, she’s good too. Let me explain, we got our kids to start on gymnastics when Nadine’s Physiotherapist suggested this would be good exercise and work out for her low muscle tone. The activities were fun and the kids get to sweat it out. It was somewhat gym therapy for her.

I’ve been advocating this gym school for the longest time, and would continue to do so! Check out the pictures!

Nicole on Floor

Nadine on uneven bars

And finally, the medals galore!

Gym Champions

Medals galore

You see, each participant competes within a group of 14-15. Anything 9 and above gets a generic medal. Thereafter, it’s 7th/6th/5th/4th/3rd/2nd/1st runner up and champion. Both our girls received two 2nd runner ups! I am so so so so proud of them.

This does wonders to their self esteem and confidence. I’m not hoping for a Nadia Comaneci, nor am I asking for even a team champion. The smiles and sense of achievement the both of them have is already a big something to me!

Details about this gym is here:

The Junior Gymnastics Training Centre

Contact: Mr. Lim: 97426716

Venue: Hwa Chong Institution Gymnasium 661 Bukit Timah Road S(269734)

Thank you Mr. Lim for organising this for all the kids!

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