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I was an Arts student who simply had no Math brain. When I was in school, I remember it was a huge struggle to go through Math classes and whenever there was a new concept taught, it took me ages to understand. It was so bad that my year end results for Sec 2 was 19%–the same as my index number. I remember my parents engaging a tutor to give me one-on-one lessons twice a week. I can’t remember his name now, but he was really very good in helping me understand concepts and getting that eventual A1 for O Levels.

Alas it was a very long and painful journey to eventually understand the basic concepts. And guess what? I married a man who has the same aptitude for Math as me. Thus, genetically, the kids would possibly go through this same experience if I don’t intervene. They are all in Primary School now, and I’ve no wish to put them through any mathematical grilling or boot camp. And believe it or not, I really would like them to love math. That would really give them some natural reason to wanna work hard at it!

So enter Math Monkey, a very unique enrichment programme that brings out the fun in Math. They aim to impart to the kids a strong foundation in Math and at the same time, adding a strong dose of fun while the kids learn! Their curriculum goes beyond regular learning of Math. There’s a LOT of games which encourage the kids to think on their feet, nurture their mental agility, creativity, independence, sportsmanship and team-building skills.

Honestly, I was a little skeptical. How can Math be fun?!? And I was proven wrong week after week, when the kids finish classes and talk at the TOP of their voices, to tell me some new concept they learnt, requesting me to test them so they can prove how cool the concept is! I was intrigued! (I’ve never ever voluntarily talked about Math in my life before!!)

Math Monkey 1

As I listened to the kids, I realised Math Monkey classes use GAMES in their program. Every lesson is filled with carefully designed games to teach the kids. Through play, the kids develop their math ability, and build their confidence in solving the various math questions. This is very important to me, as I’ve been through the journey of failing math, and feeling absolutely lousy about the subject, and zero interest in anything remotely related to it. So when I see Nicole and Nathan getting all excited, trying out their new math hacks while we are walking to the car, it really assures me that something is right in this Math Monkey classes!


Math Monkey 3

You must be curious what goes on in the classes. Here’s a glimpse of what they learnt so far! It’s amazing!

Math Monkey New Formula


I’m not going to attempt explaining the above method, but trust me, we tried it for all kinds of numbers and it works!

Math Hacks


This is of course something many of us know. For me, I only figured it out much later, way after graduation. The teachers then clearly didn’t like us ‘cheating’ this way! But Nicole’s learning it now, and I think it’s great!

Lessons in Math Monkey are always fun. The commitment of the teachers to engage the kids, stir them up and teach them is truly commendable. (Go try teaching math on a Saturday morning!!) And I’m just so thankful now both of them start to genuinely love math and enjoy classes! Math Monkey 2

Nathan is currently in Chimpanzee Troop for kids ages 7-8. The students here are taught to think mathematically and build logical and critical thinking skills. During his class, he learns how to solve basic time and money math problems through most interesting games and exercises. (I’m forced to try them in the car when I pick them after class!)

Nicole, on the other hand is in Orang Utan Troop for kids ages 9-10). Here their mental agility is honed. They learn how to calculate with speed and precision (no calculators!!!) and they start building their foundations for multiplications and divisions, in anticipation for the more complex fractions problems! (Imagine, she asks me to multiple 47 by 52!)

You can sign your child up for a free trial class to experience what Math Monkey has to offer. Trust me, you will be amazed!


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*Disclaimer: Our classes at Math Monkey are sponsored for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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