Jan & Elly Half-Term Review

It’s time for another enrichment review! I feel these are always so valuable as it gives personal feedback on how the lessons are and what the child’s progress is. We are now at the half-term mark for Nadine’s Phonics Intermediate classes at Jan & Elly. And here’s a progress report!

Half term jan elly assessment

Perhaps another parent would go, but she didn’t get it all correct! To me, I was so so pleased! It’s a SUPER improvement to Nadine’s ability to read and write! If you recall, she goes through various Therapy sessions for speech and reading, and the fact that she can do the task, is a great achievement!

Teacher Lance at Jan & Elly doesn’t know of Nadine’s learning development. It was a conscious decision I made not to inform him. You see, the Phonics classes here are based on the initial assessment of the child’s ability to identify letters and read. You can have kids of difference ages, but similar reading ability (or inability) in the same class.

I wanted Nadine to enjoy the classes without any special attention from the teacher, especially when I was confident that every child there can read as little or as much as her! That is the beauty of having such classes!

This is typically what happens AFTER lessons at Jan & Elly:

  • Nadine will tell me the letters she learnt that day
  • She will take out all the relevant worksheets and read it aloud to me
  • When we get home, she will start doing her homework!
  • The next 2-3 days, she will tell us what she learnt again!
  • The enthusiasm dies down by day 4.
  • It picks up again before lessons the following week. She will read her ‘notes’ again!

It is really very encouraging when I see Nadine excited about what she learnt, and wanting to revise and go through the work. There is a slight element of academic responsibility that she is starting to display. And yet, it’s still fun and enjoyable enough for her.

Here’s how the work in school and some homework looks like!

Jan Elly Worksheet

I am so so pleased that Nadine is starting to read well. In fact, her Speech Therapist and her Literacy Therapist have both started commenting that she is showing vast improvements!

I pray now as she continues her classes in the Phonics Intermediate class, she will continue to catch up to her peers, and she will develop a love for reading.

Find out more about Jan & Elly classes from the website. You can request for a free assessment test for your child at any of their centres!

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