Sponsored Video: Lego SG100 Rebuild

We just celebrated SG50–Singapore’s 50th birthday. And there are already talks about SG100. What would happen 50 years from now? It would be our kids’ turn to to enjoy the fruits then! And we would be pioneers!

One of the best ways to envision what the city would be like is using Lego. To use these bricks is an extension of one’s imagination and creativity. One can tap on what you think and what you want for the future and create that future city. And this is exactly what some adults did! They built a futuristic city, with advanced looking buildings and structures. It looked like a peek into a science-fiction movie!

Ahhh then Lego invited some kids along to add to the future city. It was amazing how different the kids think, and what they deem important. Check out the video below… I was very moved!

Learn more at Lego’s Facebook Page here

Disclaimer: This post has been presented by Lego, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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