The Cliff Review – Rock Climbing Is For All!

One of the most exciting outdoor activities my kids enjoy is Rock Climbing. It is safe, the kids get a good mental and physical workout, and every climb is different, so it’s never boring!

There are a few Rock Climbing schools/clinics in Singapore, and we were invited recently to check out a really cool one at The Cliff. Set-up just outside Snow City along Jurong Town Hall Road, The Cliff has 10 climbing lands of various difficulty levels. Imagine, it can have up to 20 climbers to climb simultaneously!

The Cliff - Walls

When we saw the walls, we knew they were not just for casual recreational climbers. These walls were used by the Singapore Mountaineering Federation and the International Federation of Sport Climbing! It’s serious stuff! In fact, we heard that local and regional climbing competitions are regularly held at The Cliff! So we were very happy that the kids get to try out some serious rock climbing.

Here’s 3 Reasons why the kids thoroughly enjoyed their climb at The Cliff:

1. Build Personal Confidence and Self Esteem

While the kids are equipped with the necessary safety harnesses, they also have very enthusiastic and affirming instructors. Throughout their climbs, the instructors would cheer them on, shout out bits of instructions, and encourage them with tips how to keep going.

Cliff Instructors

I was very impressed because I know it’s usually the parents that do the rah-rah-ing. This time, we didn’t have to. The instructors (who definitely knew their limits) kept the climbers going.

We know that with Rock Climbing, one can only go as far as one’s own confidence to climb up. Thus when the kids get to venture from the easy wall to the tougher one, it naturally adds confidence and builds their esteem!

Cliff Reach Top


Cliff Hang in Mid-air

2. You get to Keep Trying

At The Cliff, there’s no limit to what walls and how many times you climb. You can keep going until the time is up, or until you need a break. The instructors are always wanting you to conquer new grounds, and there are just so many different options. The parents had a go too! This is Daddy saying hello from above!

Cliff Parents

Out of my 3 kids, Nathan has a height phobia. His best record is about 2m off the ground. Although he didn’t break that record, he definitely broke the record on the number of times he tried! I was very very proud of him!! I really hope he can go up another metre the next time!


3. Something New to Try

With the well trained instructors and wide array of walls, there are many new stuff to try each time. Besides Rock Climbing, one can try basic abseiling and self-rescue on the ropes.

Cliff Abseil 1


Cliff Abseil 2

They went abseiling! Woohooo!! After seeing Nicole slide down effortlessly, Nathan and Nadine wanted to have a go at it too!

Cliff Abseil 3


Cliff Abseil 4

Both of them made it to the top of the tower, unfortunately, it was way too high for them to take that leap of faith! Nadine went just a little bit closer to doing it though…she was in position and ready to jump off!

Cliff Abseil 5


What tremendous fun for them! I really felt they crossed many mental and physical boundaries on this one morning alone!

Now you know why I was suitably impressed with what’s offered at The Cliff? The instructors told me that if our kids joined the Rock Climbing CCA in school, the place for many of the inter-school competitions would be The Cliff! Wow, that’s like the National Stadium for Rock Climbing! I was very assured they really know what they are talking about here!

Here’s some upcoming events that you can take note of!

Junior Climbing Academy

The Junior Climbing Academy offers climbing programmes for individuals and schools, and is open to those aged between 5 and 18 years old.

The eight-week programmes will expose young participants to the fun of climbing by guiding them in basic climbing techniques and bouldering. Older attendees may also learn proper belaying and climbing techniques.

Price: $240 (valid until June 2015)

Course duration: 8 weeks (once a week; 90min / session)

Not sure which class your child should be in?  Email us and we’ll assess your child and advise you on the most appropriate class for them. 

For more information, please email


The Cliff @ Snow City, Home to NCC 2015 Speed Competition

The National Climbing Championship 2015 will be held on 18-19 April 2015 for the Speed Competition, and 24-26 April for Boulder Competition.

This year, the Speed Competition will be held at The Cliff @ Snow City. Over the two days, participants aged 13 years and above will race to the top of the 15 m wall, competing to reach the apex in the shortest time possible.

We welcome young aspiring rock climbers to join us at The Cliff@Snow City over the two days, to watch National Climbing Championship Speed competitors race to the top!

Time & Date: 18-19 April 201510am to 5pm


The Cliff @ Snow City

21 Jurong Town Hall Road

Singapore 609433

For more information, please visit



Disclaimer: Our session at The Cliff was sponsored, and no compensation was received for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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