iFly Singapore – An Interview with a 7 year old Flyer

Nicole had the awesome privilege to try out iFly in Sentosa recently. The only way to find out how it went was to ask her casually some questions on her experience. She’s the youngest possible flyer, since 7 year old is the minimum age requirement.

How did you feel when you first saw the entire iFly area?

I was so excited! I am going to fly! They have many pictures there of people flying, it looks so fun!

Can you just go in like that and start flying?

No, you have to attending a training session. The trainer there is very nice, he taught us how to stand, how to relax. And it was so funny, he reminded us HOW TO BREATHE!! He said children sometimes forget to breathe when we go inside, so he said I must remember to open my mouth and breathe!

iFly Sentosa Gear

What do you need to bring or wear for the iFly session?

You must wear shoes, so that your sandals or slippers won’t fall off. And we must all wear the special suit… There’s red or blue for the adults, but for me, the trainer said I get to choose the colour. So I chose a very very nice pink one. And everyone has to wear a helmet and glasses.

When you started flying, what was the feeling like?

It was a bit scary at first. I kept holding on to the trainer. I kept telling him NO NO NO, DON’T LET GO! but I think he can’t hear me (Mummy’s note: yes he couldn’t have heard her cos the fan that gets them flying was booming loud)

In the end, I didn’t even know he let go! The feeling was very light! And I remembered to breathe!

iFly children flying

Were your eyes open? What did you see?

Yes, I have to keep them open so that I can see the trainer. He will give me hand signals like chin up, legs together…When we lift up our hands, we have to ‘open’ our fingers. No one closes the fists to fly except Superman!

Do you think your friends would like iFly?

Maybe the boys? For the girls, they may get a bit scared. But once you tell them there’s nothing to be scared about, they would like it! Did you see Daddy? He went up very high!

iFly sentosa skydiving indoor

Describe iFly in THREE words

A Bit Scary (hahahahahahahahaahaha)

That’s what a 7 year old feel about iFly. You can go to daddy’s blog here to read about the MAN’s perspective! Smile

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