The ‘anymore’ syndrome – Children & their chosen diet

Nadine has been a good eater for as long as I remember. She feeds herself, asks for helpings in school and has favourite foods.

She turned 4 in April and she started a ‘Anymore’ syndrome just about then.

One of her ultimate FAV foods is plain bread. Yes, plain. No jam, no nutella, not toasted, just plain. She would eat it like a snack! Sometimes formally over the dining table, sometimes like an apple, in front of the TV. She takes up to 3 slices in a day, so you can imagine the going rate of bread in the house!

Recently, I realised that we are culminating loaves of bread…someone’s not eating it! Naturally I went to the biggest shareholder, Nadine, and asked her, “Did you eat the bread mummy bought last night?”

And she went, “I don’t like bread ANYMORE” and guess what? She really stopped eating bread, and I mean stopped.

This happened again with Yoghurt, and again with Fishballs, and again with Rice, and again with Kiwi… It was strange! I never had that with the other two!

Just when I was figuring this out, she started devouring grapes for breakfast yesterday. Yes, that was part of the ANYMORE list of foods. I couldn’t resist so I asked, “do you like grapes?”

And the answer we got?


It looks like a growing up phase? Anyone knows how to get stuff like potato chips/chocolate/bak kwa into that ANYMORE list? That would be great!!

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