Let’s talk about sex – Anatomy 101

Some of you have been asking where’s Part 2 after you read my explicit account here. I’ve a good quote that I got from the book I was reading:

Keep in mind that these little ones really couldn’t care less about sex, giving them a little insight into it is not going to cause any harm. What it will do is open the door to you becoming an approachable parent for your child.

With that in mind, I taught Nicole and Nathan Anatomy 101. I must say that Nathan has got way better aptitude for this than his sister! Smile

Me: Ok. Let me ask you, do you know what is that?

Nathan: I know! PENIS!

Me: Very good. Now, what’s that under the penis?

Nathan: JELLY! Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile

He went on to explain: Just like Popo’s arms! Soft like Jelly!

Me: No, Nathan. That’s not Jelly. That’s TESTICLES.

So I went on to Nicole, which was actually a little more difficult. I mean, at least the male anatomy can be pointed to! But she wasn’t interested to hear, so we shelved Nicole’s lesson to a later date.

Nathan cutie

I thought that was it for Nathan. But no! My boy decided to tell me not once, but TWICE in public at the top of his voice what he learnt! Immediately the following day, we visited the museum. While we were walking through the gallery, he must have been really bored, he suddenly spoke at the TOP OF HIS VOICE:

Mummy, I remember what is under the penis! It is TESTICLES

oh man.. my MOE post-grad diploma never prepared me for such fantastic memory!

Then on Sunday, when we went to the toilet after church. I had to handle Nadine in one cubicle, while he went to one cubicle next to ours.

MUMMY! My penis is hurting! I think it’s the pants! (& before I could respond) And my testicles is also hurting!

Don’t worry, it was just one of those accidental slight bump injury. But you can imagine how thankful I was, hiding in the cubicle! Although, I was also secretly really proud of him for remembering, cos I only said it once! Can you imagine if he went, “and my jelly is also hurting!”???

That’s Anatomy Lesson 101. I’m not really looking forward to Nicole’s lesson. But one blogging mummy—Evelyn recommended this book! It is hilarious but I honestly don’t think I can show my kids this book without my eyes wide open and stifling a giggle! Check it out! The True Story of How Babies are Made!

Another was by Pamela – Where did I come from?, which looks like quite a cool book! Smile



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