When a Wedding Photoshoot Goes Bad…Cos of the Models

Some of you would have seen my social media postings on a Wedding Photoshoot I did a couple of weeks back. I was really amazed by the responses that it generated!

While my friends who were single went, “Ohhhh so sweet, so nice to do this again!” One or two even added, “so romantic to bring back that moment” wahaahahahah!

What struck me was friends who were married with kids that went, “You both so cute to go take wedding photos again” or “Where did u go, I would like that too!”. I was seriously very amazed! I didn’t know it was such a big deal and that many married couples actually didn’t mind doing it again! There was an element of “We want to take a nicer shot now” or simply just “we can afford to do a nice photoshoot now” !

So why did we do it? It was a favor for a friend (I think!). The husband told me about a free photoshoot, I checked my calendar, and said ok without asking more. After all, my family loves photoshoots! It’s nice to capture nice photos together! I had NO IDEA it was a wedding photoshoot! I only found out the day before, when we were given the photoshoot call time, and the instruction to “wear casual, I will be around to pick a gown for your wife” WAH!!!!!

Surprisingly, I was quite cool. I was only very worried my post-3 kids body would look odd in a gown. I mean I know for a fact there are stuff sagging and weird shaped lumps in wrong places. But I wasn’t awkward about it. Just worried the bridal place can’t find a gown to fit me in. And of course my very assuring husband told me, “Don’t Worry, they have Plus Size gowns!” !!?!?!!

You see, he was really quite excited about this photoshoot. I was more hesitant, and was telling my friends, I hope they can find the right gown! ohh, let me explain what this photoshoot was for. A bridal magazine is doing a feature on married couples and tips how to survive marriage and parenthood. So they are interviewing a few married couples, and they took wedding shots with these same few couples! (We weren’t the only ones!)

See his excitement?

See his excitement?

When we arrived, he was zipped off to do hair and make-up. I had my chest and waist measured and given three different gowns to try. And it was a pleasant surprise! There were gowns that I could fit in without looking like a White Round Snowman! And it wasn’t too bad!

At the end of the day, we had a really fun time! Having been married for 15 years, we were comfortable with each other, I had no qualms adjusting the dress in front of him, pulling and hopping to push the fats down, or just simply commenting under my breath what i thought of the itchy lace or funny pose I’m in. Also, we were now older, not so self conscious, it was very easy to relax and have fun. We were joking with the stylist, make up artist and photographers throughout the photoshoot!

Fresh after hair & make-up

Pampered and felt like a queen for a day!

After the shoot, and after posting up some pics on social media, I heard so many friends who said they wanted to do the same. So the blogger in me thought I should list out 3 Must-Dos if you are taking a Wedding Photoshoot after years of marriage and kids. Here goes!

Must-do #1: You must be totally comfortable in the gown! 

I was so delighted that I found gowns that fit, that i forgot to move around and check myself in the mirror. You must remember that it’s a photoshoot! They will make you bend, turn, tilt etc. And ALL bridal gowns are tight with in-built corsets. You have to be totally comfortable in the gown. And do try gowns that you’ve always wanted to try, but didn’t get a chance to! Ask for the low back, the plunging necklines etc… just to satisfy your curiosity how you would look in such a gown!

The flowy one that couldn't hide the tummy

The flowy one that couldn’t hide the tummy


The one that was so tight I had to keep holding my breath

The Final Gown… Sparkly & Pretty!

Must-do #2: Wear the gown correctly! 

Never forget that the gown is not made-to-measure. And your body has gone through the rigours of pregnancy, giving birth and breastfeeding and eating up dinner remains.

Bluntly put, the camera captures anything that sags (when the dress is so tight!), every love handle (when you tilt your body one way) and definitely every jelly in the arm. So take your time to tuck the various parts of your body in correctly. Look at the mirror before you step out of the dressing room.


Must-do #3: Tell the photographer what you want!

You know yourself better than the photographer. Other than the usual shots that the photographer takes, do let the photographer know what poses work for both of you. For us, we really wanted to do jump shots, casual shots, candid laughing shots.

Alas, this was a sponsored photoshoot. So everything was very formal and proper. We had to showcase jewellery on my neck and fingers (and I didn’t do my nails!!) We were also subjected to what the stylist wanted, which meant very coy looking photos. Imagine the husband looking lovingly at me, while I am looking at the floor. The look was possibly a very soft finish, to show how shy I am. (Trust me, we were both struggling to keep a straight face during that shot!) Hahahaha!

See that body tilt? So very proper and b.o.r.i.n.g.

At the end of the day, we had loads of fun, cos it was just something different we are doing together. A most interesting date too! And being pampered with nice make-up and hair was a bonus to the date! So if you are looking at doing this with your spouse, try it! Remember all the must-dos and have loads of fun!

Last shot for the day. So tired!

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