Entering the World of Disney in the Night!

One of the greatest milestones for kids is the ability to sleep alone, away from the parents or caregivers. And in my experience, the one thing that makes it difficult for them is D.A.R.K.N.E.S.S.

The kid’s imagination go haywire when it’s dark. They see monsters under the bed, or creepy crawlies coming from the windows. According to a recent survey done by Philips Singapore, the top two bedtime fear triggers faced by children in Singapore aged between two and eight years old are the fear of being alone (25.9%) and imaginary monsters in the dark (25.2%).

In our family, we have a night light in the room. It is a simple dim light, plugged to the wall. Its purpose is just to bring some illumination to the room, so that it’s not pitch dark. But that doesn’t really work. After a while, the children see shadows in the room, and the monsters come alive again!

Then we heard that Philips and Disney are working together to come up with Imaginative Lighting! It’s a range of inspiring, magical and playful lighting products that make bedtime easy and fun for the kids! The fact that Disney is involved, puts my heart to rest. Cos they have never failed to create magical moments for children!

We were at the launch for the Philips and Disney lighting range and you can see how perfect these night lights are!

World of Light and Magic


Magical Bedtime


Disney Soft Pal

A special note about this hot favourite. These are SoftPals (retailing at $72.90) they are so so cute and soft to hold. Very very child friendly!

During the launch, we learnt that the top 3 solutions that parents have to tackle this fear of darkness is to sleep with them, switch on a night light and give the children a toy to sleep with. And we all don’t want to keep sleeping with them, ya? So these new lights incorporated these solutions!

The lights are not too bright, and with the Smart Philips LED bulbs, the lamps stay cool to touch, and do not have to be changed frequently. Each light is designed such that there are no small parts or sharp edges to worry about. And there are no cables hanging out from each light!  Above that, each light is a familiar Disney character that the children (and us!) can all identify with!

Mickey Minnie Light

Check out Winnie the Pooh Torch Light (retailing at $19.90). They are easy to hold, and the children can use it if they need to walk down the hallway to the bathroom! The Philips and Disney Torch Lights is a fun and creative way to help children find their way around in the dark. There’s a Jake the Pirate Torch Light too!

Winnie the Pooh

And this is what we got!

Disney Image Projector

This light projects colourful and fun scenes of Cars and Disney Princesses on the wall! Retailing at $38.90, our kids create a film studio in their room! After show time, they switch the light to a table light mode and the room is dimmed immediately to indicate bed time!

We thought the girls would love this projector, since it was for scenes from the Disney Princesses. To our surprise, it was Nathan that hogged this projector light! He plays with it, talking to himself as he shines the scenes on the wall. Then he cuddles it to sleep!! (You see, the not as brave one is this little macho one!)

We are so happy with the Philips and Disney range of portable lighting products. It’s been so easy tucking the children to sleep and they have been sleeping well, possibly off to the magical world of Disney in their dreams!

The Philips and Disney lighting range is available at selected Departmental, Mother and Childcare stores. 


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