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I am a part of a wonderful blogging community—Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) and as the name suggests, we are some close to 100 active Mum Bloggers living in Singapore. I thought it would be interesting to see what their TOP blog posts are about. As much as finding out what happens in the life of a Singapore Mum, I get to see what interests the people here in this little island. It is an eye-opener!

Singapore Mom Blog

As expected, the topics were varied. Grab a coffee, lean back and scroll down slowly to read all about Mummies in Singapore. (I suggest you bookmark this page!) Gentle reminder: These are all TOP TOP 2013 posts of their personal blogs.  So everything’s a good read and a gem!

One crowd pleaser that always touch hearts are posts about miracles. bacteria infection baby

IVF success story

From these miracles, we have many interested in craft work! salt glue painting

make kabaya chinese new year

And we have the practical mums. Popular household tips & birthday party tips!

Kill ants lemon


birthday cake

My little pony birthday party

It gets more and more interesting! From here, we venture now to reviews! You won’t believe it, Singaporeans are one bunch who love to read about other’s experiences before deciding if they should try it out. Starting out first, is the super popular Nursing Rooms Review!Shopping Centre Nursing Room Review

From here, I present a whole range of reviews that would definitely interest you! A highly regarded gynaecologist, places of interests in Singapore and family trips overseas. han how chuan doctor

River Safari Review

titanic review

gallop stable punggol

longkang fishing bottle tree park

The cafe that’s a big hit with ALL mummies here: Eat Play LoveEat Play Love Cafe review

Eat Play Love Cafe Review

And we love to go a wandering……Flying cow ranch taiwan review

Royal carribean mariner review


And of course, there’s food. Surprisingly, there’s only one wonderful yummy recipe to try! ngoh hiang recipe

I was quite surprised that Singapore Mums are a reflective lot. We think a lot, put our thoughts into words, and people enjoy reading those thoughts! Here’s what’s on our minds!

ftwm choice

FTWM choice

letter to child

new mothers advice

thankful presence

letter to baby

Close age gap child

Mothers Avenue

Music lesson child

mother's worth

And finally, the Crème de la crème for Top Posts by Singapore Mum Bloggers: Anything to do with the academics! (The super TOP post is listed right below about Fairy Tales!)

tips mastering compostition

tuition why

world best education system

fairy tale primary 1

So there you have it! A collection of 2013 Top Posts from 32 Singapore Mom Bloggers. What I learnt from this little project was we mummies care and love about many issues in life. Everything is important. As long as it affects our home, our time and our family, we will talk about it and we definitely would read about it! And I got to see many beautiful blog templates here too!

And now, presenting my own 2013 Top post: Choosing a baby’s name! (hahaha!!)Choosing a baby name

I hope you enjoyed reading these entries as much as I did, compiling them!

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