3 Reasons why you must try SandBank’s Breakfast Buffet #Giveaway

The most important meal of the day is usually the most neglected meal. In our family, we only eat good breakfast when we are on a holiday or staycation (cos there’s a Breakfast Buffet at the hotel!). That’s when we get to order our favourite eggs, some fruits, and a whole lot of yummy English breakfast items that we only get to read about in books. And if it’s an international buffet, we get a Porridge or Noodles to go along!

Alas we don’t go on a holiday or staycation every day. So on weekends, we try to wake up early and go out for breakfast. But it has never been anything satisfying. In Singapore, we get a huge variety of choices at the hawker centre BUT it’s usually too hot or crowded for the kids. Then we head out to a cafe or restaurant, and it’s too pricey and food aint that great.

So we were pleasantly surprised when we went to SandBank for breakfast. Here are 3 reasons why you need to have Breakfast at SandBank on a weekend.

#1 Buffet Buffet Buffet

Yeah, we are so excited that we found a Breakfast Buffet when we are not in a hotel! It’s rare! And what makes it better, the buffet gives a good range of food! Check out what was offered!

A SandBank Breakfast

B SandBank Edd Benedict

C SandBank International Buffet

D Sandbank Nasi Lemak

#2 Chill out with or without kids

SandBank has a most amazing chill out area for adults and kids. For the adults, (well, the Men at least) get to watch sports on the large TVs around the restaurant. When we were there, soccer was on. It wasn’t intrusive because the volume was off, but you don’t need the sound to watch sports!

F SandBank Chill

And enjoy the lovey lovely view.

E SandBank Beach View

For the kids, there are plunge pools where they can play with the water. Now, this is really cool because we are just by the beach! So playing with water but in the safety of a shallow pool and in the shelter is great comfort to all parents. The kids played and had a great time!

F SandBank Lap Pool

#2 Budget friendly

Considering it’s a buffet, with a chill ambiance and good food, the price is reasonable! It’s NETT (so no hidden costs!)


We really enjoyed our Saturday morning, having this scrumptious breakfast! After Breakfast, we could go for a stroll by the beach, the kids could do the usual East Coast Park cycle and sand play. Definitely a nice way to spend the weekend!

SandBank is located at Parkland Green, along East Coast Park.

G SandBank

Specially for all of Mum’s The Word readers, we are having a special giveaway for 2 Adults and 2 Kids to enjoy this yummy SandBank breakfast!

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Comment below on this blog post and tell me what’s your family’s favourite breakfast dish from SandBank’s buffet offerings?
  2. Visit my Facebook page at Mums the Word
  3. Follow me on Instagram (@mumseword)
  4. Be nice and share this blog post on your Facebook Wall with the Caption “I wanna win a SandBank Breakfast buffet”

For those who are new to the process, just copy the Blog Page Address and Paste it on your FB Wall. (Do Remember to add the Caption and make your share Public!)

The Giveaway ends on 25 March 2016 at 2359 hrs.

All the Best!

The contest has ended! And heartiest congratulations to Eric Wong! Have a wonderful weekend breakfast, I know you would love it! We will be in contact with you!

*Disclaimer: We were invited to SandBank for a media review and all opinions are 100% my own!

**Giveaway Notes: Facebook accounts used solely for Giveaways will NOT be entertained. I reserve all rights to amend or change the terms & conditions of this giveawy without prior notice. Final decisions will be made by Mumseword.com

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