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My entire family loves chicken. We can have it in all forms—baked, fried, braised, boiled and maybe even burnt! You can imagine we can have it fillet, minced, patty, full bird etc! We really love chicken! What makes it easier to love is the fact that it is easy to prepare and there are countless possibilities how to cook it.

When I do my groceries at PurelyFresh, I get the opportunity to choose how I want the chicken. Simply, you can have it in the full array as what you see in the website.

But what made it more interesting is when you can order the entire chicken, and under remarks, leave your comments regarding how you want the meat!

Imagine yourself at the market, and the butcher is in front of you. Holding the entire chicken in his hands, he asks you, what you want with the chicken. And you can tell him, some of the options you can tell him are:

  • Thigh with or without bones
  • Breast meat without skin
  • Minced
  • Full chicken deboned
  • Separated into parts

In that same way, you can order the chicken from PurelyFresh and put in the comments how you want the chicken! They would then pack it, and it would be delivered as requested! Amazing!! And very fresh, as always!

Chicken Part 3


The Black Chicken was delivered as requested, but the photos didn’t come out right. Too Black! So I took photos of the regular chicken parts to show you how it is delivered! Neat and Easy packaging!

Chicken Part 4

Another favourite part about shopping at PurelyFresh is their full range of fruits. Early this year, I bought a juicer and started the habit of downing a glass of freshly squeezed juice every morning. I really enjoyed buying fruits at PurelyFresh, simply because every fruit that is delivered is so fresh!

Here’s a glimpse of the fruits I bought last week. I decided to check out their imported berries, and a mix of some fruits to try out for the juice. Wooooo! It was great knowing that the fruits delivered were all very carefully selected (no bruised skins or dents).  I could determine the quantity I needed and it would be packed accordingly!

Fruits 1

I tried a very berry drink on Monday. (Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Apple)

Berry Berry Apple Juice

And a more tropical Starfruit+Apple juice the next day.

Starfruit Apple Juice

It was very very refreshing and it was a great wake-up drink for the day!


Since July, I’ve totally totally enjoyed my shopping experience in PurelyFresh. They have never compromised on the freshness of the food. Each item is always packed neatly and in the best possible way to maintain freshness. Have you seen Starfruits that are individually Bubble-wrapped? That’s how committed PurelyFresh is to ensure the food is delivered fresh!

Specially for Christmas! 

Christmas is a festive of celebration and giving. Shop for PurelyFresh groceries and receive COMPLIMENTARY Exclusive Gift Packs for orders $69 and above! There will be new Exclusive Gift Packs every week! What’s more, it’s double the celebration, as you stand to participate in our weekly draw where 5 lucky winners will be given $30 vouchers!

Happy Shopping!


*Disclaimer: This is a series of Sponsored conversations with PurelyFresh. All Opinions are 100% my own. And I really can vouch for how super very fresh their foods are!


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