SBA2014: Guess Who is my Best Supporter?

Some of you may have read about it or saw it in the social media postings.

Mum’s The Word is one of the finalists

for Best Family Blog

in the Singapore Blog Awards 2014!!

Woohooo I’m so excited! It is a huge confidence booster as I realised there are people out there (who are not my family members, nor my friends) who like reading what I write! Super duper happy to be listed among all the other awesome blogs! What touched me more is how my mummy is still so supportive of me! My mummy is quite a a typical “my-child-is-the-best” mum.

Since young, she would cheer for my sis and I for whatever competitions we are in. From friendly little races to neighbourhood competitions, you will find her cheering and shouting most embarrassingly for us to GO!!, HOORAY!! or WOAHHHH!! (ya, I’m like that now to my kids. Imagine 39 years ago, my mum was like that too!) When I announced on Facebook that I am a Finalist, look at her response! Mother's support At the back of my mind, I could hear her cheering me on! Look at what Mummy posted on her wall within the next hour: Mum's Support Can you hear it? The pompoms are out. She’s in her gear. She’s warming up. My mum is starting her cheering routine for her daughter!

Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!! Go Go Go!!

You better vote for my girl, she writes the Best Family Blog!

Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!! Go Go Go!!

So I have the best cheerleader on my side, and I realised, I’ve always had that. Through the years, Mummy has been my best supporter. Even now, when I’m married with kids, she still believes in me. Don’t I have the world’s best mum? Best Cheerleader Along this line, if you think this is really quite a good Family Blog, and possibly the Best Family Blog in Singapore 2014, please vote for me!

You just need a Facebook account, go to Singapore Blog Awards 2014 and vote for Mum’s the Word! Ohh and because they allow you to vote once a day, you can do that daily.

Thank you thank you!! And you can be assured my mummy is going Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!!

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