The First Pimple

The first pimple is out. Ya, so soon, too soon maybe. Did I fail to teach my kids about cleaning their face? How to play catch up now?

I’m not going into a discussion on the puberty cycle… but I thought I should share what crossed my mind when I saw that pimple.

I don’t know about the others, but from Day 1, we bathe our kids with Baby Soap and Baby Shampoo. And I was taught to focus on hair and body only. We just used a damp towel to clean the baby’s face. This procedure continued till erm… now… when that pimple appeared.

Did I do something wrong? Should I have taught her about washing her face? When do we start that bit? Or rather, when is the water+towel combi insufficient? I must have missed out something in those Now That You Are a Parent books!!

So the next day, we went to the nearby supermarket to get a facial wash. It was really quite nostalgic. I was looking at cleansers in tubes off the supermarket racks. I remember my mum doing this with me long time ago!

Cleanser Supermarket

But of course, it also hit me, erm..

  • Why don’t you buy her a cleanser from some cosmetics brand? No need to spend so much on a 9 year old! 
  • Why don’t you get that brand you used when you were a teen? But that’s such an old product! It still looks the same!!
  • Do you want to use the house brand? Huh? House brand for my little princess? No, got to be branded! But cheap brand can?
  • So what ingredients do you look for in a cleanser? erm.. some vitamin enhanced or sun screen something? 
  • What skin type does she have? Normal to oily? That’s the type that causes pimples ya?
  • Are you getting a Toner? Moisturiser? Scrub? Mask? Ahhh! It’s just one pimple!!!

Sigh… I didn’t know one pimple meant a whole onslaught of questions in my head. So what did I get in the end? I bought one tube of cleanser. period.

She also started a 5 min How-To-Wash-Your-Face tutorial with me… hahahah just showing her the gentle actions of finger massaging your face. I must say she really likes it!

Meanwhile, I’m praying she gets the good genes of acne-free skin.

Perfect skin

What should we use for a 9 year old? Off the shelf cleansers or Branded Cosmetics cleansers?



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