Talkative Thursday: The Three Little Pigs – No, not Nicole, Nathan & Nadine

Are you familiar with the story The Three Little Pigs? Well, in 2010, I guest blogged here and shared my doubts. Two days ago, I was in a clinic with Nathan, and we got the chance to read the Ladybird version. (now, that should be quite close to the real thing right? It’s Ladybird, for goodness sake!)


Well, I was s.h.o.c.k.e.d and majorly questioning my memory, cos I learnt new things about the story!

#1 – What Mummy Pig said! “You are too big to live here any longer…”


Look at the picture! The little pigs are still little boys… And as expected, Nathan had to say, “I’m also very big”.

#2 – The wolf lured the 3rd Little Pig to the Turnip Farm, Apple Farm and Carnival

Three Little Pigs shocker

I’ve no problems with that, but I really really don’t remember this!

#3: The 3rd Little Pig was the sole survivor


Well, Nathan asked immediately, “What happened to the other two pigs?”

Sigh… someone out there should put together Real Fairy Tales from our Childhood. These adapted versions are confusing the kids and the parents!


Nicole saw me typing and gave her version! It was:

  • Three Little Pigs went to build one house each nearby each other so they can still play together (nothing about being too big & mummy chasing them out!)
  • When the wolf came along, he blew the first two houses down, but each of the little pigs could run very very fast to the next house. Wolf can’t run at all, cos no more breath to run! (hahaha!)
  • Then wolf came to 3rd house, he tried and he tried, and finally he came down the roof into that same boiling water.
  • And the most important line, “And they lived happily every after!”

Now that story sounds more familiar ya? Either we were told the wrong version all these years, or Ladybird went for extended version when they published that book!'s Talkative Thursdays 


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