Is this a Chauvinistic view or What?

Last Saturday, the husband and I were on our way to town when we saw this at the traffic junction. It was a vintage Vespa scooter with a passenger box. Something like this:

Vespa scooter sidecar

Now, what was interesting was, there was a female rider and a male passenger in the box. To me, I just thought it was interesting to see a vintage bike like this. I haven’t seen it in a long while, and it was just a nice sight. But to the husband, he had many opinions about it!

First, he concluded it was a Girlfriend riding, and the Boyfriend in the passenger seat. (he may be wrong, but that’s not the main point here).

Second, he said this “he must be a very secured man…so demeaning…to sit in that box…and lower position than the girlfriend…and the girlfriend riding some more.”

WAH!! that was quite a surprise! My first response was, erm then go take the bus or walk!

But he was really quite serious and cannot understand why would a guy put himself in that position. I asked, what if it was YOU riding, and ME in the box? He said, “So cute, u can curl up and read your book while I ride”. HAHAHAHA can you imagine?? I couldn’t believe it! I wasn’t insulted but I was really quite amused. It was pure chauvinism at its finest!

So I asked a few friends. Some married, some single, and of course some guys and some girls.

And it was an interesting response I got! Most girls (except 1) thought this was ok. And ALL guys felt this was a no-no… One girlfriend said, when she was dating her then boyfriend (now husband), he didn’t have a license, so she did the driving while he was the passenger. I thought this was an excellent point, but my husband says, sitting in a car as a passenger is different from sitting in a lowered box in a Vespa. (!!!!) PLUSit doesn’t have a roar like a Scrambler, this is a vespa that goes babb babb babb babb… (!!!!)

I don’t have a conclusion, but it was just an eye opener to hear such views. To me, I would try to bring up my son and tell him, it’s really ok to sit in that box. Alternatively, he can go find a nice piece of furniture and place it beneath his girlfriend’s or wife’s chair. It’s really ok. Isn’t it?

Here’s the actual couple in the bike. Just maybe, they are siblings hor?

Vespa Passenger


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