Fit & Fab Friday: Serving Sizes are important

Healthy Diet.

I always thought as long as the food’s not fatty or oily, as long as it’s not carbo loaded, not sugar loaded, not salted excessively, it is healthy.


Of course I’m wrong. Any fool Anyone can tell that quantity does make a difference. Sigh.. I just only finally realised this!

You see, this is my regular breakfast since I started my Fit & Fab lifestyle. It looks yummy and is off to give you a great start to the day! I thought I read somewhere, have a good heavy breakfast. So this is my serving size, I pour in low fat milk, and have an apple! Not bad ya?

Cereal serving size

Well, a couple of days ago, I decided to take my kitchen scales and weigh the portion. According to the box, one serving is 52g. And this is what one serving looks like!!

correct cereal serving

oh man. I won’t even bother putting both pictures side by side. No wonder the weight loss is slow. I’m eating healthy, but eating too much! (and I’ve not even told you my lunch and dinner portions!!)

Do you watch your serving size for meals? Do you feel the recommended size is just way too small?

Mum’s the word


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